Top 10 trending phones of week 39

02 October 2022
Apple still has the most phones in the top 10, but only one in the top half.

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    • 03 Oct 2022

    These charts make no sense in determining which phones are relevant to the market. People could be just doing random comparisons between the phones or random clicking from one model to the another - BAM! X or Y phone is now contributing to the "popularity" chart while it isn't popular by any means (say we all vote for Nokia 3310 and it comes on top,
    but that doesn't mean we actually want to buy it). This is a flawed system that needs a deep rework, hence why I view this with strong skepticism.

      Balbina, 02 Oct 2022Why iPhone X and XR are coming to the top? Used price i... moreTrue and they old so its confusing.

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        • 03 Oct 2022

        Samsung Xcover 6 pro....

        I hope its priced right.

          Why iPhone X and XR are coming to the top?

          Used price is now very low, is that the reason?