Galaxy S III wins best smartphone by GSMA, Nexus 7 - best tablet

26 February, 2013
Award winners of the 18th annual Global Mobile Awards were announced today at MWC.

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  • AnonD-77357

Where are the iFans??? I really want to read their comments! Come on iFans, bring the heat on!!! Hahaha… and to Samsung, Congratulations!!! You did it again, no doubt that you’re the best and indisputably I’m the proud owner of the winner!

  • AnonD-18125

I have no complain about S III, but wait, nexus 7 best tablet ? Wrong! Its Galaxy Note 10.1

I guess it's now settled, Android > iPhone.

  • AnonD-104349

iPad mini is the best tablet

  • Anonymous

Bring on all of the Apple fans who just hate Samsung oh so much. Rain your hate all over this!

No amount of "apple this, Samsung that" can get rid of this moment, if anything it can only make it better to see the bitterness of disagreeing fanboys/fangirls.

  • Art

I love my Samsung TV

  • Riyad

I don't think nexus 7 is the best tablet

  • AnonD-80609

AnonD-1846, 26 Feb 2013Samsung is the real king of android phone but let see how the wi... morei think Motorola X Phone will be tough competitor to sammy.

  • AnonD-1846

Samsung is the real king of android phone but let see how the will stand against the Motorola Xphone.

But congratilation to Samsung...

  • Riyad

I don't think nexus 7 is the best tablet

  • Rooney-

Congrats Sammy! I think Note 2 should have been the winner rather than S3.

  • Anonymous

Samsung the best!
congrats Sam!

  • AnonD-1846

AnonD-117075, 26 Feb 2013100% wrong decisions...!!!Full of lies, Samsung did a great job.

  • AnonD-50627

congrats sammy....... go on producing better and better devices and again and again go on winning awards..... bring forth the galaxy s4..... cant wait any longer...

  • AnonD-50627

and now begins the trolling and bashing of the losing company supporters as to how wrong the decision is and how the company they support should be the outright sure to check on the no. of comments folks....

  • AnonD-57831

Samsung rules once again and sgs3 is the king.

  • AnonD-117075

100% wrong decisions...!!!

  • Jason

Glad to be one of winner gadget owner :)

  • AnonD-117840

Really!!!!!!! Facebook app as the best???? Are they blind???

  • AnonD-78383