Fossil Gen 6 watches start receiving Wear OS 3

17 October 2022
Multiple reports on Reddit reveal watches are getting the latest update.

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  • 18 Dec 2022

Has anyone "outside India" gotten the WEAR OS3 update from Fossil ?

I think it sucks very mouch that i probably never get the WEAR OS3 update. And that if i got it Google and Fossil hasn't got google assistent and google fit to work on the watches.

I just sad it SUCKS!!

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    • 23 Oct 2022

    tacoCris, 21 Oct 2022It is only the Fossil watches. The update hasn't rolle... moreI got update for my gen 6 watch last night.

      It is only the Fossil watches. The update hasn't rolled out to the rest of the Gen 6 devices. I am still waiting on my Skagen Falster Gen 6 and there has been on update or communication from Skagen

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        • 18 Oct 2022

        Had fossil hybrid smartwatch.
        the quality of this brands sucks balls

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          • 18 Oct 2022

          Wearos is a failure Until it reaches at least 1 week battery life

            And here I am sitting with my TicWatch Pro 3......waiting......

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              • 17 Oct 2022