First Oppo Flip phone will have big battery, 50MP camera

19 October 2022
The first rumored specs appear online.

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  • Anonymous
  • XmW
  • 21 Oct 2022

hope this becomes a reality, have been waiting to change out my Z Flip which has turned 2 years old and experiencing wear and tear damages... battery life and camera performance is also something that desperately needs a change, and Z Flip 4 didn't catch my attention hence gave it a pass...

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    • yalim
    • T4}
    • 20 Oct 2022

    oppo has to sell a flip phone for $900 max.besides,they must guarantee 3 year android update and invest a lot on a much distibuted after sales channels.that's how to go to market outside of china.

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      • Anonymous
      • S6p
      • 20 Oct 2022

      They should really get those foldable phones to western markets.

      Find N( and expecially Vivo(Oppo sister brand) X fold) is great foldable but sadly China only.

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        • AnonD-731363
        • Lfw
        • 19 Oct 2022

        At least we can assume it will be less heavier compared to samsung, more thing, less priced and with more specs in every segment especialy charging and better cameras.

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          • Jadajadajada
          • 00$
          • 19 Oct 2022

          Why for friggin' $deity's sake can't we have more of these type of phones instead of the handful of models with rather, or should i say, royally underwhelming specs that have been released in recent years? I've been dying to get my hands on one of these kind but with (ultimante) flagship specs. And plz don't give that BoM excuse; i mean Apple just released the iPhone 14 Pro Max Plus or whatever exactly it is called, for no less than a $2100-2200 price tag. If smartphone manufacturers can do a Google Pixel 7 Pro for slightly under $900, they sure as hell can something like a hybrid between the SGS 22 Ultra and the Nokia N95 or MS Surface Phone Duo 2 as well for around $2000 or even less.

            you are part of those who only comment but actually will never buy any of those, even though one day what you want on your list will become true, you will never buy it anymore, you will keep comment like everything doesn't meet your taste at all..

              Oppo flip or oneplus flip? Oh, nvm. Same thing.

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                • Anonymous
                • Lfq
                • 19 Oct 2022


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                  • Rosso
                  • g8$
                  • 19 Oct 2022

                  I just hope it's gonna have more normal aspect ratio, one thing I really dislike about Z Flip's is that they got 22:9 aspect ratio and it makes the phone look just wayyyyyy too tall for my liking.

                  Plus camera should at least in theory be better then what Samsung has to offer, and battery too, this looks great, more companies that join in the foldable fun, more will said phones advance.

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                    • B52
                    • gLC
                    • 19 Oct 2022

                    Interesting dimensions, I'd love to check it IRL.