Weekly poll results: Xiaomi 12T series divides opinions

23 October 2022
Not everyone is sold on the idea of this being a more affordable camera phone, but some see them as decent picks for a gaming phone.

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  • 04 Dec 2022

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2022I chose this over the honor because the honor has the not s... moreWell i do understand your point and opinion but i cant think same as you.

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    • 04 Dec 2022

    AnonD-731363, 23 Oct 2022Even uits not a bad phone the 2 Mpix camera is a deal break... moreI chose this over the honor because the honor has the not so efficient sd8gen1 done on Samsung process. That coupled with a small battery is rubbish for gaming. The only camera I will really use is the 200mp one so I don't care about the little ones. Primarily I'm using it for gaming so the honors cameras are useless to me plus you get a whopping whole punch that Samsung last did on the S10. If that honor had a 5000mh battery and sd8+gen1 then might be a different story. In the UK it's selling for the same price as the Xiaomi in Argos. Says it all.

      Tolera, 25 Oct 2022Xiaomi very good smart phone 📱 company. Why not make proje... moreSamsung has done that years ago, Galaxy Beam series

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        • 25 Oct 2022

        SShock, 25 Oct 2022Problem with frame is how it's designed. If it's ... moreexcept the company high-jacking replacement part, plastic-cover/frame/parts is cheap to replace
        so if it got scratches and dents, then just get it replaced

        in fairness, glass isnt withstand scratches better, it depends case per case

        also glass is glass, crack more easily when drop, you will most likely need to replace glass than plastic when dropping ur phone
        as glass will crack, while plastic might not, and in case u need to replace, plastic is cheaper most of the time

        dented phone wont make it look better, everyone want to keep their phone pristine, thats why many people use case

        that for practical perspective, but from design/build wise, obviously metal+glass feel way solid/better

          sq2013, 24 Oct 2022Aluminum frame - better? Better display? Totally subjective... morePlastic frame is more durable? I don't agree. It's not like you can't scratch a plastic. Earlier smartphones like the iPhone 3G and 5C got scratches, ding or even dent which can looks really awful.

          Yes, 12TPro does have good display specs on paper but in reality it doesn't look as good as iPhone. 900nits of peak brightness on 12TPro is far from iPhone 14 peak brightness of 1200nits. Yes, 120Hz is better but it is not a necessity.

          Fast charging is good. But where is the wireless charging?

          Finally, I am not sure how you can equivalate 12TPro with the 14 Pro. When iPhone 14 Pro uses premium stainless steel frame, much brighter display and have 3 proper cameras when compared with 12TPro having only 1 good main + 2 inferior cameras (ultrawide and macro)

            sq2013, 24 Oct 2022Aluminum frame - better? Better display? Totally subjective... moreProblem with frame is how it's designed. If it's painted plastic, it's terrible. If it's painted aluminium, it's terrible. Problem is, when it scratches or dents and we all know it'll happen sooner or later, it'll look horrible. No one wants black aluminium frame, because when it's scratched or dented, the silver aluminium will shine out like a light house. Same problem with chromed plastics to mimic metal. When scratched or dented, whatever it's underneath will poke out and just look horrible.

            It's why old Nokia phones were generally great, because they were usually made from solid colored plastics. With solid colored plastics I mean plastic that is of same color through entire thickness of material. You could dent it or scratch it as much as you wanted and underneath, it would be the same color as surface, making it look almost the same no matter the damage. If it was made this way, I'd be fine with plastics. But that's usually not the case, it's white or grey plastic that's just painted with some fancy color and when that gets damaged, it looks horrible.

            It's why I generally prefer glass phones in white because they withstand scratches best and silver aluminium sides, because even if dented, aluminium underneath is hardly any different than surface of it, making it look better even when damaged.

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              • 25 Oct 2022

              Xiaomi very good smart phone 📱 company. Why not make projector phone

                Anonymous, 23 Oct 2022Didn't you read how many Xiaomi phone I had before? Or... moreU just cry and bash out MI. That's all you can do.
                Previously i used Samsung, moto, Nokia, realme, Sony. even still am using them as secondary phone.
                But finally am with MI...
                I haven't tried OnePlus, Vivo, ipoo, and other sub brands....
                Yaaaaa your statement is false against MI.

                  Dadogo, 23 Oct 2022It won't last more than 2 years unless you bought one ... moreYour statement is totally false....
                  And u never used a proper MI phones over the years.

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                    • 24 Oct 2022

                    Prize9405, 24 Oct 2022They are definitely overpriced in my country. For price of ... moreAluminum frame - better? Better display? Totally subjective. Plastic frame is likely more durable and certainly easier to replace in the event of damage. The aluminum display may look more premium but scratches easily. I know from experience. The display is again totally subjective. Way smaller screen 6.1" vs 6.7" and 60hz refresh rate vs 120hz refresh rate and the touch sampling rate is only 120hz on the iphone 14 and 480hz on the mi 12T pro. On top of that, from a charging perspective, the mi 12T pro will charge it's 5000mah cell from 0-100% in less than 30 minutes. The iphone 14 takes at least an hour even with the fastest 37w charger. Why on earth would you pay more an iphone 14? The Xiaomi is miles better. The iphone 14 pro is a better comparison and that's about 500 quid more and again arguably not as good.

                      200 MP camera?! Who believes this? My full frame camera is 20 real MP. Such phone will just fills up any storage.

                        blue, 23 Oct 2022So in order to work properly some app has to be installed t... more1) You get better price-to-hardware ratio compared to some other phones (*ahem* Samsung's A series *ahem*).

                        2) You knew what you were buying; didn't know - your bad, buying tech without market research is highly unefficient; don't like it - buy something else, vote with your money.

                        3) Debloating with those tools (at least the older one) doesn't take more than an hour. After all, a smartphone's user is expected to be smart.

                          They are definitely overpriced in my country. For price of 12T Pro 256GB, could have pay about the same for Pixel 7 256GB. Or pay additional US$140 for iPhone 14 128GB. Both Pixel 7 and iPhone 14 got IP68, aluminum frame, longer support term, better display and camera (debatable but see DXOMark ranking). It is not worth to pay such a premium just for Snapdragon 8+ gen1.

                            Anonymous, 24 Oct 2022Right, make a phone with a shitty samaung SOC. Great idea /sExynos 1280 is actually not that bad if used in device priced and positioned well.

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                              • 24 Oct 2022

                              12T/ 12T pro are too expensive.

                                Can't find any shockproof case for 12t pro due to higher camera bump. Only case available for 12T.

                                  shu, 23 Oct 2022affordable camera phone? ok 1st a 108mp cam costs $65 on ... moreYour opinion does not reflect that of everybody else. . .

                                  As recent as yesterday I spoke to a friend of mine who is in the market for a new phone. He has had Pixels for a few generations now (3 and 5) and wants a new fairly small replacement, like the PIxel 7, however he wants it to have a macro. Hence the Xiaomi 12, or waiting for the Xiaomi 13, is looking like a better option for him than the Pixel 7. The Pixel 7 Pro is too big.

                                  I've had plenty of good use from the macro on my Mi 11.

                                    Anonymous, 24 Oct 2022Totally agreeable. I sold my old Poco F3 for an 11T Pro, an... moreI was always worried I overpaid for a not much more in the 11T pro over choosing an F3.
                                    It started as buggy and heating but soon own its very own became more usable and now I love it. I am glad I did not go for F3.

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                                      • 24 Oct 2022

                                      Dadogo, 23 Oct 2022It won't last more than 2 years unless you bought one ... moremy 4 year+2years poco say hy to you

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                                        • 24 Oct 2022

                                        Anonymous, 23 Oct 2022It's time for Xiaomi to make an Exynos phone.Right, make a phone with a shitty samaung SOC. Great idea /s