Court rules Apple is to pay $330K a day over Facetime patents

28 February, 2013
The company is charged $330K for every day it delays reaching a licensing agreement on the patents.

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  • kamote

AnonD-77892, 01 Mar 2013im an iphone user and not using any sammy product. im only again... morei don't get ur point. you don't want trolls, but there apple fans troll as much as other fans. stop saying cheap plastic. can you do that? that's insulting you know? when we say be sensible, why not stop and think of what you bought and ask urself, is this worth it? now you're saying let us choose for ourselves when all your trolling is trolled?

  • AnonD-87800

The amount of hate that Apple generated after all the litigations and the people following the technology trend seemed to have backfired to them as evident with the Apple stocks that keep going downhill and cutting back of orders for iphone parts. Now, Apple already feel the pinch.

  • posi

Haha. It's funny how crapple keeps trying to sue everyone, but are loosing case after case yet people are gang banging them from every corner. They stole the name ipad, ifone, had to post on their site that samsung did not copy on their site twice and even tried to do it in a non compliance way the second time and claimed two weeks is not enough to to make the simple couplse sentence statement on their own site???? Lol. Now this and they claim it's small? Not to mention the clock thing...if anyone remembers the company chime in

  • Anonymous

Hahahahaha,This is sooooo Funny,Apple Copy others?Ofcourse they do!!!Kharma is so Grand!!!

  • DGAF

In the Tech world us Geeks don't have a problem with Apple taking an idea and improving on it as every tech company does. BUt what really F**ks me off with the scum Apple is when they claim they "INVENTED" their tech. Where as we all know Apple havent invented a damn thing!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

amazing, the apple trolls are silent.....

  • Anonymous

Apple and Google are all copycats.

  • Anonymous

Apple you are just sad for copying and then trying to act all upright

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2013Haha. It's funny how crapple keeps trying to sue everyone, but a... moreYes, remember the ipod outright copy Zen from Creative Technology, ended with $600 mil in infringement.

  • AnonD-118828

I think the apple fruits should sue the Crapple company since they infringe the name and design of the fruit itself....ahahahaha...

  • Anonymous

total user and abuser. totally used this firm, milked it dry and said I don't know you. Im apple! don't mess with me. I'm untouchable, your tiny, hehehe.

  • Anonymous

true face of apple, not the victim but the purpetrator. facetime and imessage is a big feature of apple products, if apple is shamelessly stealing patents like this from a small tech firm than it puts a whole new light on the court cases all over the world.

  • Anonymous

sad news for apple fans. what if the ifans came to their senses, what would happen to apple then?

  • HarryR

But apple DIDN'T really invent anything. It is a recipe company.

  • AnonD-77892

[deleted post]im an iphone user and not using any sammy product. im only against samsung and i hate them so much. but im not against on their user and i respect their choice, i hope same on them - respect our choice. please respect also what other people want and stop for being sarcastic, be respectful and use common sense. and stop being samsung troll! naff said...

  • AnonD-105795

That turn out 1 bil a year. How about some juice to cool down

  • AnonD-78985

Copy cat Apple ;-)

  • AnonD-77892

no more words to say just pay... naff said

  • tried em all

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2013It's a drop in the ocean to Apple. They'll organise an agreement... moreios keyboard fail. Dont she me

  • Anonymous

i knew they deserved it, crapple