The Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Explorer sets a new benchmark for fast charging - 210W

27 October 2022
Save for the faster charging and different battery capacity, the Explorer is identical to the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ (yes, including the 200MP camera).

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  • 27 Jan 2024

AnonD-1044551, 28 Oct 2022Good for you i guess? Its only chinese brands that add unne... moreNo, you're right. Mrwhosetheboss did an excellent comparison with this vs the Samsung S23 Ultra. The 200MP sensor is completely different and is not as good as the S23U. Ill bet that at that price, this phone will become ewaste within 2 years and will not receive any major android updates. The only saving grace of this phone is the fast charging and the cheap price, but even so, the battery will probably die within 2 years.

    Anonymous, 13 Nov 2022Only for charging freaksWho wants to charge this phone this quick

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      • 13 Nov 2022

      Only for charging freaks

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        • 08 Nov 2022

        xocomaox, 02 Nov 2022It's not "just numbers" when charging time i... moreTrue, but cutting 60 minutes in half (for example from 30W charging to 65W charging), is not the same impact as cutting 30 minutes in half (for example from 65W charging to 120W charging). Just saying. The same from 120W charging (15 minutes) to 210W charging (5-10 minutes).
        That's why I said, after a certain point is just numbers. Is not like, I am ok with waiting 10 minutes for my phone to charge, but I am not ok with waiting 15-20 minutes for my phone to charge. Lol.

          Really nice. This is the way to go.

            AnonD-1066415, 27 Oct 2022After a certain point, these are just numbers. 65-80W is pl... moreIt's not "just numbers" when charging time is cut in half. It's real world results.

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              • 01 Nov 2022

              Anonymous, 29 Oct 2022There are so many holes in your story. First hole: You ... moreSo, according to you, Xiaomi's Redmi & Poco are worst with ads they are cheap line, not main lineup like Mi series right and this phone is Xiaomi's Redmi Note 12 Explorer edition so this you mean this does have ads as it is Redmi lineup, which is shame really !!

                Anonymous, 28 Oct 2022Why can't Apple make something like that? I would love... moreIf your phone burns/explode, you can sue them, which is loss of $$$. Besides, 20-25w is pretty decent.

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                  • 30 Oct 2022

                  Anonymous, 30 Oct 2022That's why I'm leaving Xiaomi and going to Sony. ... moreI have tge Sony pro-i, and love it way beyond

                  Sd card
                  2160p display
                  Alpha series features
                  PlayStation compatible games, with emulator
                  Dual 5g sim band mm wave standby

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                    • 30 Oct 2022

                    It’s really laughable that there are Apple fanboys here who are just trying their best to justify their 1000 US dollar IPhone hahahahahahaha.

                      Anonymous, 30 Oct 2022That's why I'm leaving Xiaomi and going to Sony. ... moreyou can turn off if there is. i had(now using) different xiaomi models 4-5models, no any had ads

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                        • 30 Oct 2022

                        Anonymous , 30 Oct 2022You are so lying. I'm using xiaomi 11t. No ads, no blo... moreJust recently after updating my Redmi Note 10 Pro to MIUI 13.0.15 I received from Xiaomi a push notification with ads. I even made a screenshoot because I couldn't believe this. For example "Play games. Tons of free online trending games". Clicking on it opens a website and the ads was send by MIUI Package Installer. I also saw some ads in they apps event though I disallowed showing ads in privacy settings.

                          If 1,500,000 people charge their 200W phones at the same time, we have to turn on a 300 MW nuclear power plant (losses not included).

                          With 25 W chargers, one nuclear power plant is enough for 12,000,000 cellphone chargers at the same time 😋😃

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                            • 30 Oct 2022

                            That's why I'm leaving Xiaomi and going to Sony. Totally never regretted that decision at all.

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                              • 30 Oct 2022

                              Anonymous, 28 Oct 2022Had a Xiaomi and it was so bad that I bought my first iPhon... moreYou are so lying. I'm using xiaomi 11t. No ads, no bloat. My last phone was redmi 7. And again, no ads and no bloat. It's pathetic how you are trying to make xiaomi look like a trash company and lying in the same time. Here's an advice: Next time, do a little bit of research and don't make yourself look stupid

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                                • 29 Oct 2022

                                Anonymous, 27 Oct 2022How to kill your battery in 210 daysI refer to call it "trash the battery olympics".

                                Seriously, after sealing the battery, they have now found an even better way to make your phone obsolete. Trash the battery fast, oh and make sure that replacement batteries are relatively hard to find, we don't want them keeping their phones for more than a year, it would reflect badly in our earnings reports.

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                                  • 29 Oct 2022

                                  Anonymous, 28 Oct 20229 minCharging at a constant 210W for 9min gives 31.5Wh of charge which is equal to about 8500mAh. Now the battery in the phone in question is 4300mAh which means if it did charge at 210W all the time it would be full in about 4.55min not 9min.

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                                    • 29 Oct 2022

                                    no party, 29 Oct 2022still finding SD card slot for a flagship device? how weakSd card is such a hassle since Google treats it like a bastard child. Can't manage it properly, can't even use .nomedia. I had a Zenfone 7 Pro, an A70 and it was a pain, chore, struggle.

                                    What you should be asking is: Why do we still get 128gig flagships? Why 256 is so expensive and rare? Where is 512 and 1TB? You could pick up 1TB S10 series, and yet 128 gig is the norm.

                                    So stupid. 1TB should be the norm. Change my mind.

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                                      • 29 Oct 2022

                                      Onanymaus, 29 Oct 2022There is this hater mentality in almost all commenters towa... moreNot true. When one mentions Xiaomi it's fine because they generally make good phones for the price. But oppo / vivo is a different story

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                                        • 29 Oct 2022

                                        Anonymous, 28 Oct 2022Had a Xiaomi and it was so bad that I bought my first iPhon... moreThere are so many holes in your story.

                                        First hole: You mentioned ads so you must have got a Redmi or Poco because Xiaomi main lineup like Mi 10 and Mi 11 don't have ads. Unless, you are making up stories because you thought all MiUI have ads. This is actually the easiest red flag pointing to a fake Xiaomi user review.

                                        Second hole: You bought a $300 Redmi, not satisfied with it and then got a ar t least twice as expensive Iphone. Yeah,