Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e update improves camera and Bluetooth stability

04 November 2022
The S10 series will turn four in March, but is still getting regular quarterly updates.

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Love my S10e! Only complaint is battery... small and draining up but the phone is 3 years old.

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    • 04 Nov 2022

    Anonymous, 04 Nov 2022Aren't these new phones? They have excellent value! Th... moreyes, my girlfriend has the normal s10 and I have the s21 ultra and I must say that the s10 is nine like silk, fast, the camera is a little behind for what is now but with adjustments it gets good results, anyway, the last good that samsung launched before copying apple in everything

      Has anyone have that weird Always-On Display bug where after around 5 seconds, the screen dims so much and has a green tint to it?

      I can still deduce the AOD, but it's too dim. Also diagnosed that this isn't a hardware issue because when there are no notifications, somehow it works fine (sometimes). Screen also has no discoloration aside from using AOD.

      Tried other AOD apps and they work just fine too. No tints or anything. Also this bug only surfaced in the latest two updates on Android 12.

      If anyone has any solution it will be greatly apprciated. Thanks.

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        • 04 Nov 2022

        Aren't these new phones? They have excellent value! They even include a headphone jack with expandable storage! The design looks way nicer as well. I will definitely look into buying one of these to replace my aging S22 Ultra. It's running out of storage and I just got an old car with an AUX-IN, so this will be very useful. Does this device also include a charger? I am planning on giving my father my charging brick so I need a new phone if I get this phone.

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          • 04 Nov 2022

          Sounds cool, I might fire up my S10 and switch to that for a little while. My main phone is a Z Flip 4 and it's fine and all but the battery life isn't much better than my 3 year old S10