Weekly deals: the best smartphone deals from the US, the UK and Germany

06 November 2022
Retailers are building up to Black Friday with some early deals. OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro models in particular have noticeably dropped in price.

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  • 07 Nov 2022

Ignore GSMArenas Amazon offers, they earn referrals but you lose money because of Amazon's pricing strategy.

Every sale like this Amazon uses a fully legal tactic: raise prices dramatically one minute before sales begin, then start the "sale" by up to 50% on the higher prices, and people buy like crazy thinking they are saving money.

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    • U{N
    • 06 Nov 2022

    Olympus Oms, 06 Nov 2022So gsma hates Asia. Good to know.! Where's the Asia... moreThey haven't forgotten Asia

    They haven't included it because Asia is a very big region and to find deals for every place will be a big task also very tedious time consuming one

      So gsma hates Asia. Good to know.!

      Where's the Asian sales? You already have America and Europe. So where's Asia? Hmm

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        • AnonD-1065015
        • nG9
        • 06 Nov 2022

        AnonD-1058210, 06 Nov 2022Where is Oppo brand?? Nowhere because they are crap!

          Those so called best deals ar tottaly overpriced.
          At alliexpress, wish, amazon or ebay inyone can find a lot better deals.
          Even at heuureka.sk or heureka.cz are a lot better prices.

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            • rKX
            • 06 Nov 2022

            If only OnePlus offered these deals in Asia rather than in USA, then they'd be still popular today. Instead, they forgotten where they came from and who made them popular and their core audience. Their downfall is the result of such sheet decisions from their 🤡 managers

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              • 80x
              • 06 Nov 2022

              Nice good bad dealer good

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                • AnonD-1058210
                • 39y
                • 06 Nov 2022

                Where is Oppo brand??