Xiaomi 13 renders reveal flat sides and display

07 November 2022
Also features a familiar new camera redesign.

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  • 08 Dec 2022

Iphone eventually copies 99.9% of the software and hardware features that android phones have had for years.

Other phone companies copy one aesthetic feature that apple got right and all of a sudden everyone loses their freakin minds!

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    • 08 Dec 2022

    Anonymous, 08 Nov 2022Xiaomi renders reveal an iPhone! LOL. MIUI copies iOS, n... moreRemember when Samsung copied iphone and now it is among the top phone selling brand. Xiaomi is doing the same and i'm sure this will work.

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      • 28 Nov 2022

      Anonymous, 25 Nov 2022so now xiaomi needs copy apple design for their phones ???Now???

        That looks nice.

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          • 25 Nov 2022

          so now xiaomi needs copy apple design for their phones ???

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            • 12 Nov 2022

            I dont care if its flat or curved! Bring back the sd card slot!

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              • 11 Nov 2022

              type from xiaomi 10 pro,it still ok

                Anonymous, 10 Nov 2022Basically it's flat (slightly curved back). Then 13 Pr... morethx...

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                  • 10 Nov 2022

                  behnam007, 10 Nov 2022xiaomi 13 is flat or curve?i dont get it!Basically it's flat (slightly curved back). Then 13 Pro is curved.

                    xiaomi 13 is flat or curve?i dont get it!

                      Leras, 07 Nov 2022Xiaomi Mi 6 is still the best phone Xiaomi ever madeAgree with you 100% about the Mi6!
                      I still have my Mi6 as daily driver in Canada, and still love it for its excellent usability. The ultrasonic fingerprint reader is the best I have ever experienced, and the recessed location of the fingerprint sensor makes it easy to find without looking.
                      Sadly, I will have to replace it soon because the Mi6 no longer works in USA since the 3G networks were retired there. The Mi6, never having been officially sold in NA, is now not compatible with the remaining 4G bands used in USA.
                      I am here because Xiaomi 13 is my first choice to replace my Mi6, specifically because it will have a flat screen and flat sides.
                      Ergonomics is very personal and subjective. I personally prefer flat sides because they allow for a more secure grip on the phone.
                      And right from the first curved-screen phone Samsung S7 Edge, I have never understood what the point of a curved screen is, other than to be different for marketing purposes. Definitely more breakable in the case of a fall.
                      Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

                        CantPleaseEverybody, 09 Nov 2022What is with you people? They release curve, you want flat.... moredepends when iPhoneish and Samsungish display design has a different...

                        Why not, embrace 2012 - 2015 phones than currently screen trend for future.

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                          • 09 Nov 2022

                          Good to see the flat and rectangular edges with aluminum/ silver finish. Hope Apple Samsung move back to this instead of the existing shitty design.

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                            • 09 Nov 2022

                            What is with you people? They release curve, you want flat. Now there is flat, you want curve. Duh, get a life!

                              thanks Xiaomi, they changed the bad curved display to be flat display. so i appreciated it more

                                Anonymous, 07 Nov 2022Wow very iPhoneist 🙄Congrats, you're a victim of mass marketing 🎉

                                This design has been around in phones since before the first iphone. It was especially trending around 2003-2004.

                                Thankfully this has the back coming out of the side frame, rounding off the back edges to make it slightly more ergonomic than the latest iphone, but still a step back in ergonomics compared to most others, but it's one of few refreshes possible in phone design.

                                I hope someone soon will be brave enough to try a design similar to the Moto RAZR XT910. A very nice design, in my opinion. But obviously a lot bigger.

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                                  • 08 Nov 2022

                                  Anonymous, 08 Nov 2022Xiaomi renders reveal an iPhone! LOL. MIUI copies iOS, n... moreXiaomi has serious RnD and design departments...is the first company to release the flagship Snapdragons to the market and their battery/charging tech is way ahead of others...210w and charger included in the box.

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                                    • 08 Nov 2022

                                    Xiaomi renders reveal an iPhone!

                                    LOL. MIUI copies iOS, now Xiaomi is copying the phone itself. Xiaomi is the poor man's iPhone :D

                                      Everyone is saying they are copying the iPhone design but look, loads of other brands have flat sided phones and the camera bump looks similar but it’s not a copy, it looks quite different and the back glass is curved as well. Anyway you’ll put a case on it.

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                                        • 08 Nov 2022

                                        I think that cuaomi copied apples camera style and nothings shape of the phone