Weekly poll: if you're looking for a mid-ranger, will you buy the Realme 10?

13 November 2022
The phone tries to appeal to mobile gamers, but in the process it turned its back on people shooting photos and videos. Was that the right move?

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  • ben
  • CDK
  • 18 Nov 2022

it has a catchy design but the chipset could've been better maybe use Qualcomm Snapdragon to show class

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    • Anonymous
    • rra
    • 18 Nov 2022

    It is eye catching, appealing and fashionable design.Realme 10

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      • Thee Andy
      • rrH
      • 18 Nov 2022

      A real and good brand,and value for your money

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        • innocentfire
        • 0VQ
        • 18 Nov 2022

        I was flashing custom or cleaned up stock ROMs on most of my phones and I suffered with the phones that had no development going for them but after seeing developers struggles with booting custom kernels on SDM 8 Gen 1/+ and the amount of time it took to make all camera sensors work on modern devices, it's clear to me that the days of clean and fast Android is over. It seems that the way these days is to just pick the best OS (Motorola, Realme, Oppo, 1+, Pixel, Sony for me) and stick with that. There's no point in paying SDM tax anymore + they doesn't even support AV1 so Dimensity is the way (I also heard that they're more reliable with GPS and 4G). Sad times

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          • Mikeng
          • vjP
          • 18 Nov 2022

          Actually a good bargain for me, but Im gonna wait till the pro version price come out

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            • Kmt
            • bCq
            • 17 Nov 2022

            Why is the upcoming smart phone company has the tendency of downgrading their latest phone comparison to their predecessor. Its a joke 33 watts charger, helio 99?

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              • Itneeds
              • I@a
              • 16 Nov 2022

              Specs should be: SD865 or higher, 8+256, 2cam, 1+days battery.. to make it cheap, 5" fhd led

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                • Anonymous
                • iAI
                • 16 Nov 2022

                JerryKing, 14 Nov 2022Good luck with the battery. It's worth to buy used fla... moreYou can usually buy an older flagship (like 2 generations behind) in new condition at a much lower price. Specs are on par or better than current midrangers, cameras and build quality usually are still better. The only thing to worry is software support.

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                  • AnonD-731363
                  • SH3
                  • 16 Nov 2022

                  BlahBlah, 14 Nov 2022That 330 price tag is only for China market. Global version... moreMan global version will be 400 up to 450 which is still perfect price compared to specs. No other brand will output litterary same specced device for same or close by price.

                    Realme 10 is absolute garbage series, massive downgrades all over the place Realme is a joke 😀

                      Will buy, after seing Sheth in a wild by posing his shitty phones I am in. No seriously entire Realme 10 series is a massive joke

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                        • bebop
                        • gDU
                        • 14 Nov 2022

                        RealLifePhones, 14 Nov 2022it's a downgrade over the realme 9 in basically everyt... moreWhoa shrinkflation? Never heard that word but it does kind of make sense. Yeah it's them chip shortages. By the way that tanker still blocking the Suez canal?

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                          • BlahBlah
                          • nnW
                          • 14 Nov 2022

                          AnonD-731363, 13 Nov 2022Well if i have to buy a midranger my best shot will be Xiao... moreThat 330 price tag is only for China market. Global version will not be so cheap.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • MSK
                            • 14 Nov 2022

                            wellwell, 14 Nov 2022You're a racistIt's more about politics than race. But 🤫🤫 🙊🙊

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                              • wellwell
                              • 3SL
                              • 14 Nov 2022

                              AnonD-1037771, 14 Nov 2022I'm never going to buy a mid-range phone and I'm ... moreYou're a racist

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                                • AnonD-1037771
                                • 3RM
                                • 14 Nov 2022

                                I'm never going to buy a mid-range phone and I'm never going to use a china brand.
                                If it's not South Korean, Japanese or American, I'm not interested.
                                Nope. I don't care about the price.

                                  it's a downgrade over the realme 9 in basically everything that matters and costs more so hell no. Shrinkflation is extreme on this one

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                                    • JerryKing
                                    • nrN
                                    • 14 Nov 2022

                                    yalim, 14 Nov 2022I'd rahter 1-2 year old flagship rather than a midrang... moreGood luck with the battery. It's worth to buy used flagships in a good condition only if you know for sure that you can replace the battery.

                                      Anonymous, 14 Nov 2022i would like to choose poco m5Also waiting for Redmi Note 12 global with G99, Amoled screen and better specs with less price than this garbage of realme 10

                                        Anders, 13 Nov 2022It's not a "mid-ranger" it's an overpri... moreoverpriced budget phones.. this reminds me of vivo y33s😂😂 that had the same price as redmi note 10 pro.