MediaTek unveils new T800 modem that can hit 7.9Gbps, also Chromebook and 4K TV chips

10 November 2022
The T800 modem supports both sub-6 and mmWave 5G. There are also two Kompanio chips for Chromebooks and a Pentonic 1000 chip for 4K 120Hz TVs.

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  • Benjamin
  • M@p
  • 18 Nov 2022

The incredible speed offered by Mediatek in the new 5G modem is truly impressive - can't wait for devices powered by it in 2023.

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    • Nick
    • m@}
    • 11 Nov 2022

    T800 is obsolete. Fear the T1000.

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      • Anonymous
      • XS%
      • 11 Nov 2022

      I didn't even know H.266 existed. Some chips stillstruggle with 265

        But where are H266 videos, missing even on popular TV shows:|

          Anonymous, 11 Nov 2022now oem can use mediatek cpu without worrying about modem t... morethen qualcomm will sue mediatek again. to claim that mmwave is their technology.

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            • Anonymous
            • u7V
            • 11 Nov 2022

            now oem can use mediatek cpu without worrying about modem that Qualcomm use to threaten

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              • Anonymous
              • u7V
              • 11 Nov 2022

              rip Qualcomm

                Oh wow, there's now hardware support for VVC that I've never seen shared to the public. Also, this is the first time I've heard AVS3. I don't know how VVC will compete with AV1 considering the latter's adoption rate has been growing slowly for years now.

                  IpsDisplay, 11 Nov 2022Mediatek dominates chipsets in TVs, cable boxes .. applianc... moreSeriously.

                  However, with what brands are available here, I think only Asus (ROG), and Motorola are going to launch phones with the 9200 here unless Sony would like to surprise us. :) (Xperia 10 should move to Dimensity in my unpopular opinion...)

                    mediatek modem with mmwave🥳🥳

                      Just putting my thoughts into writing.

                      Why release new chipsets for next year with an ageing CPU core and limitations to display resolution at this stage of the year?

                      A77 or A78 would have proved so much better as compared to A76 in the long run for a slight to dismissal increase in price of the chipsets.

                        Mediatek dominates chipsets in TVs, cable boxes .. appliances overall yeah same old usual stuff

                        BUT now offering mm wave 🌊 now mediatek can get a piece of the US pie

                        Hopefully no politics suppresses them