Twitter could go bankrupt, Musk warns employees

11 November 2022
At least four key executives left the company, leaving Twitter in a vulnerable place.

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  • 11 Nov 2022

i'll give him 'till the end of the year and he'll just offload the whole sodded thing onto someone else. turns out running a social media site isn't so easy ey'?

just a reminder he was forced to buy the site after not wanting to lmao

    Hope Elon goes bankrupt as well, even if I never used Twitter

      FatShady, 11 Nov 2022good riddance... but, what do you mean the company that nev... moreTwitter didn't go broke because it was woke. It was the fact that it was woke, and banned those with different opinions from the woke, that kept them alive through ad revenue.

      Now that Musk want the other opinions to also have a voice, you know free speech, several advertisers are pulling out.

      If anything those advertisers should be boycotted by everyone who believes in the importance of free speech, due to their attempt to silence free speech.

        Rosso, 11 Nov 2022>buys a company >drives it into bankruptcy Musk i... moreMusk if trying to keep free speech, free speech. This meet a lot of resistance.

        If you have a different opinion than the new version of femenists and the far left, you will be silenced on all major social media.

        Facts and science have to give way for feelings and opinions, as long as those feelings and opinions stem from "the correct" side.

        We need social media to allow for free speech. A different opinion is not "hate speech", but good luck getting through on that on social media.

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          • 11 Nov 2022

          Anonymous, 11 Nov 2022Who uses Twitter anyways. Overrated appOverrated website.

            I think Twitter will survive

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              • 11 Nov 2022

              Is that a Promise Elon?

              Please crawl back under the rock you crawled out off.

                good riddance... but, what do you mean the company that never made a cent in profit since it started could go broke? go woke, go broke...

                  Time hedge funds short twitter stock 😂😂 it would be the best story of the year if the richest man was made to lose $44 billion in a month 👌
                  Sorry for the employees but Musk is a deceiving narcissist a.s.s.hole and only deserves the worst. Don't fool yourself with thinking he wants to advance humanity he ONLY cares about his personal wealth to feed his giant ego and nothing else.

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                    • 11 Nov 2022

                    Who uses Twitter anyways. Overrated app

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                      • 11 Nov 2022

                      He is doing all kind of stunts to keep ppl talking about twitter

                        News of Facebook firing 11k employees is the opportunity for Elon to make this bankruptcy threat for the remaining employees to 'toe the line.' While Elon is a charismatic leader and no doubt a forward thinker, he is also known to make exaggerated claims.

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                          • 11 Nov 2022

                          >buys a company
                          >drives it into bankruptcy

                          Musk is a moron who is just lucky, but likes to believe he is smart.

                            sixtymes, 11 Nov 2022i wish the entire internet would go away. life was better b... moreThere are good aspects of internet like faster and cheaper communication. I still remember the pre-Skype era when international phone calls would cost a small fortune.

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                              • 11 Nov 2022

                              sixtymes, 11 Nov 2022i wish the entire internet would go away. life was better b... moreTake off your rose tinted glasses and realize it wasn't.

                                I doubt he believes Twitter will go bankrupt when he's just parted with billions of dollars for it. If he believes it'll go backrupt when he's owned it for less than a month, then he's a dumbarse for buying it.

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                                  • 11 Nov 2022

                                  Elon should have downloaded the app for free instead of buying it for $44 billion smh

                                    Elon is a successfully billionaire. He won't let billions go to waste. He'd find a way to save the platform while also making a good revenue out of it.

                                      i wish the entire internet would go away. life was better before the internet.

                                        Good. I completely understand elons choice on this. They refused to give him the results he demanded, and therefore they don't deserve to be there. Bots are the worst thing on the internet.