Oukitel WP21 is a rugged smartphone with Helio G99 SoC and a 9,800 mAh battery with 66W charging

18 November 2022
Open sales start on November 24.

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  • Anonymous
  • YQB
  • 18 Nov 2022

What a stupid design. A display on the back 🤦‍♂️

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    • Lonteku
    • xjH
    • 18 Nov 2022

    BhloO, 18 Nov 2022why does it says $280? ali shows $950 https://i.imgur.com/K... moreI hope it's a typo, if oukitel ask for $950 than said goodbye. No body will paid with that price.

      BhloO, 18 Nov 2022why does it says $280? ali shows $950 https://i.imgur.com/K... moreMan dont known but if you google for oukitel WP21 price most sites tells you about 280 up to 290 USD.

      But feel free to check this beautyfull battery beast.

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        • Anonymous
        • 3SI
        • 18 Nov 2022

        This could have been the dream of the average GSMArena reader, if only it had an IR blaster

          Dear GSMArena team please add Oukitel Brand to all brands and list all Oukitel Phones there.
          And please write a review about Oukitel WP15 and Oukitel WP19. Thanks.

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            • Iroam
            • NfA
            • 18 Nov 2022

            you have to suffer, 18 Nov 2022it is a steal.It is priced at 799.99 USD on Aliexpress actually

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              • BhloO
              • 3c3
              • 18 Nov 2022

              why does it says $280? ali shows $950 https://i.imgur.com/KJhzLss.png
              is it because is set on sale to a later date??

                Hummus, 18 Nov 2022All of those for only $280.. what a steal!it is a steal.

                  12GB ram and 256GB storage on a rugged phone with 64 Mpix camera for 280.
                  Wish to see those so called premium competitors to copmete against this.
                  Not chance not even possible.

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                    • Hummus
                    • tEZ
                    • 18 Nov 2022

                    All of those for only $280.. what a steal!

                      not bad for a $280 rugged phone.

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                        • Ken
                        • bx9
                        • 18 Nov 2022

                        It is so amazing that the phone is so rugged and comes with the expandable storage!