Nokia joins Apple to secure injunction against Samsung

07 March, 2013
Nokia has teamed up with Apple to demand injunction against several Samsung products.

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  • rahul

enemie's enemie friend

  • Carol

John, 08 Mar 2013Nokia and apple should make those type of phone which are in the... more:))). I like kids, but not when they interfere in a Man's business! What do you think? That people work for free, materials come for free, robot's work without energy and the phones are assembling them selves? I bet you want good quality materials to, no?

  • Anonymous2

Anonymous, 10 Mar 20131. You are defending a self-proclaimed thief. I am defending som... moreSo are you saying that Samsung is the lesser of two evils? I would buy that...

  • Jay

Anonymous, 10 Mar 20131. You are defending a self-proclaimed thief. I am defending som... moreYou are right sir, some people are just in denial. I like sony and samsung best. Down with Apple and now Nokia which i used to like. Can't compete? sue!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2013I know I promised but your type takes a lack of response as a si... more1. You are defending a self-proclaimed thief. I am defending something that ALL companies have done. Actually not even defending, rather just SAYING that they all do it.

2. All the largest scandals at Foxconn in the news were always Apple's... Which is why I said they were the worst. I don't claim they are the only ones, just by far the worst, for the last time. It's your decsion to support them.

3. Pictures of like products exist in both cases. The Samsung settlement was cut in half bc the trial was unjust, obviously. And the Iphone did look like the Prada, just like Androids look like the iphone. All I'm trying to say is that they shouldn't take credit when they don't deserve it, and sue everyone.

4. The S2, S3, One series, Ion, Z, Note 1, Note 2, etc... are all far superior to the iphones, sorry... The iphone is solid, but also smaller. But that's what a case is for...

If you read what you write, you would realize that you are only strengthening my arguement.

I actaully keep my promises because I have a thing called integrity, unlike you and Apple. So go ahead and get the last word. I'm done wasting time trying to enlighten such a closed mind.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2013You are right, a possibly stolen ferarri is far worse than nets ... moreI know I promised but your type takes a lack of response as a sign you're right, and we all know that's not true.

Yeah because Foxconn only makes Apple products. And every other client of Foxconn's tried to better the situation there but Apple, who not only did nothing but actually tried to prevent improvements. Geez...

My morals are fine, thank you. You can tell by the fact that I'm upset over Samsung's sickening behavior. Yours however... Defending thieves and convicted criminals.

By now it's pretty obvious that you're blinded by your hate for Apple. Again, just like most others here. And it's fine that you are unwilling to learn from people who actually know what they're talking about as well, it's your choice.

And no, it's not the same. Not even close. Obviously.
Apple has borrowed ideas, and made greater products. Samsung has stolen finished products, and made them cheaper. Same thing? Not so much.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2013I don't have to prove that Samsung stole from Apple, because App... moreYou are right, a possibly stolen ferarri is far worse than nets to prevent iphone workers from jumping. Underage labor is not as bad either.

Like i said, All companies are bad, Apple is by far the worst. So yeah your morals are clearly messed up. Thanks for the applause, and learn from it.

And yes the LG/Apple thing is the SAME as the Apple/ Samsung thing.

They both borrowed ideas no matter how you look at it. Stop pretending Jobs wasnt a theif. He even admitted it. Open your eyes. or don't.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2013If that's true, then you can't prove that Sammy stole from Apple... moreI don't have to prove that Samsung stole from Apple, because Apple's attorneys kind of already did that.

Haha, LG didn't sue because they're above Apple? That's a good one!
No really, LG didn't sue because they didn't have a case. Simple as that.

But seriously, it's like you don't even read what I write. That's okay, though. It just makes you exactly like all the other fandroids here.

I applaud your high moral standards, because they surely must prevent you from supporting Samsung.­_national/281425.html­ves-around-in-a-rare-probably-stolen-ferrari/

So you keep buying Androids from your favorite non-profit organization, and I'll leave you alone in your sandbox from now on. Promise.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-122073, 10 Mar 2013After reading this I am happy that instead of buying Apple or No... moreYes it is the right decision... upon just a little research, you will find that Apple truly is a terrible company. No ethics at all. And yeah all companies are greedy, but Apple leaves them all in the dust in terms of overall garbage ethics...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-36622, 10 Mar 2013Man, do you even read what you wrote! Replicate means that every... moreSo now we're discussing semantics? Whatever it takes to distract from the fact that every manufacturer except Samsung managed to come up with their own take on the smartphone as reinvented by Apple, I guess...

Such blind people around here indeed.

Oh also, remember when Samsung's own attorneys couldn't even tell the iPad and the Galaxy Tab apart? That was funny.­14/ipad-vs-galaxy-tab-samsung-lawyer-cant-tell-r­ival-tablets-apart_n_1010944.html

This is also kinda fun:­amsung-is-apples-biggest-fan

  • Yup

AnonD-122073, 10 Mar 2013I admire both companies Apple and Samsung. Samsung may have got ... moreI echo this message... It's not about integrity for Apple. They have no class....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2013Yes, I'm familiar with the Prada phone. I asked you to prove tha... moreIf that's true, then you can't prove that Sammy stole from Apple then either, bc the same evidence was supplied. LG didn't sue for likeness because they are above Apple. All I'm saying is that Apple "borrowed" ideas JUST LIKE EVERYBODY DOES. Go ahead and send your insults about red pills because you are still wrong. Apple did NOT have the first touch screen with icons (likeness). They DID improve on other ideas and create a similar but superior device. Then Samsung did the same thing. You are simply a hypocrite, and blind to the truth, but that's okay, that just means you are on par with the rest of population in terms of intelligence. I'm too honest to support an evil, greedy company like Apple, but you go right ahead. I'll stick to the superior Androids.

  • AnonD-122073

After reading this I am happy that instead of buying Apple or Nokia phone going ahead with an Android Phone was a rite decision :)

  • AnonD-122073

I admire both companies Apple and Samsung. Samsung may have got inspired from Apple during initial period but just look where they have reached now with innovation. Galaxy S4 may prove what Samsung is capable of.

During initial days Apple also copied from Xerox. Listen to what great Steve Jobs says in his young days that they copy shamelessly.

Patent protection is definitely important but its also important to license the patent. Apple is not ready to license their patents. It's their call but I will like to provide this analogy.

Imagine if ABS (Anti lock brake system) was not licensed we would have seen only top costly car companies having it and everyone else left to their fate. If an innovation is good the company should be ready to license it.

Nowadays it has become normal to buy out companies just looking at the oppurtinity to earn from their patent infringements.

Seriously think Apple & Nokia are going over the board to defeat Samsung.

Note: America is the only place where Apple is enjoying soft corner from the system. All over the world Samsung has won.

  • AnonD-122226

Oh! DUMB and DUMBER... Lord Jesus help them.

  • AnonD-36622

Man, do you even read what you wrote! Replicate means that every single detailed was copied from Apple to Samsung and that's not true...they copied a few aspects from iphone like everybody does these days. To be a replicate, should have the same ecosystem and the exact design. They only went down on Samsung because they already knew they were a big threat right fro the beginning. Man, such blind people around here! This is all strategy to beat the one company that surpass Apple and Nokia all together...ask yourselfs one thing? Why the hell Nokia should help Apple? Man...disapointed with you Nokia!


We all know that Apple has taken over the market before Samsung came but most of Apple"s features is what Samsung is using but i love both products

  • Tom

NOKIA found that they lost EU market, so only way to make a profit is stay on US market and kill King Samsung coz they are feckin scared of him ... best way to do it is be a ''friend'' with copycat Apple. Shame on you Nokia you fell deeply ... You was King before u lost but tought u will play fair !!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-87800, 09 Mar 2013Is a human nature. People copy somebody else ideas and improve ... moreExcept what Samsung has done doesn't fall into that category. They haven't copied someone's idea and improved it, they've replicated an entire product (not just one either, it would seem) and made a cheap knockoff. Do you honestly not see the difference?

  • Carol

AnonD-121109, 10 Mar 2013Never liked Nokia phones. Those in favour of 920... guys, it's ... more90% of the people you're talking about have no clue how to use a smartphone. Besides the fact that the device is in vogue, installing apps (not uninstalling, that would be to much for them) browsing, facebook and talking in skype they have no clue what is a smartphone and how to use it properly. Now, Lumia 920 is a brick? Have you ever touch it man? NOT!. Stop being sheep and use before talk. The only difference i feel between lumia 920 and s3, is that s3 feels like a Chinese plastic phone for kids under 3 years, and lumia feels like a proper phone with good design and premium materials. Now, before playing smart, learn the past of Nokia and you will see who innovate and who is not;). Samsung is a good example that a copy can sell better then the original. But the wheal is always spinning and what goes up must come down;).