Facebook introduces new tools to protect teens and their privacy

22 November 2022
Users will be defaulted to more private settings, as it is now easier to report an unwanted message.

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  • Fred Marko
  • XR6
  • 24 Nov 2022

Never used Facebook aka Faszbook.

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    • Anonymous
    • XUi
    • 23 Nov 2022

    Its too good to protect privecy

      I stopped using Facebook years ago

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        • Anonymous
        • 4GA
        • 22 Nov 2022

        nanny state garbage

        stop blaming companies for parents not doing jack

        companies already need to get out of politics, they don't need to be babysitting either

          after the bs apple has pulled, i doubt anyone would even think of believing marky mark.

            Teen with smartphone !
            What could go wrong ?

              Innovating new way to steal user data

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                • ll
                • DGV
                • 22 Nov 2022

                stay away (don't install anything) from big tech and china is more important


                  Joke of the Day

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                    • VeryYoungOldBooker
                    • 8vF
                    • 22 Nov 2022

                    Rejoice sheep, for the mad butcher has vowed to protect you from the hungry wolves!

                    But in all honesty, so many grandpas and gramgams are gonna enjoy this new Facebook feature. Good on facebook for protecting the privacy of their only surviving (but for how long...) demography.

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                      • NiJon
                      • mWv
                      • 22 Nov 2022

                      But what's the point? Teens don't use FB anyways. They're all over Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat anyways.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nDh
                        • 22 Nov 2022

                        Lmao, the literal continuation of CIA's project Lifelog protecting privacy? The circus is shattering all dimensions.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • YUU
                          • 22 Nov 2022

                          Ohh... Privacy and Facebook 🤦🏻‍♂️

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                            • oxyo
                            • Kgb
                            • 22 Nov 2022

                            The best way to protect teens and their privacy is Don't use Facebook.

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                              • TELEGRAM USER
                              • Nv$
                              • 22 Nov 2022

                              Facebook Lover, 22 Nov 2022Facebook is the most privacy-friendly and privacy-focused s... moreSource: Trust me bro.

                                Yeah right. We all know Facebook just sell the information. The constant spam and "sponsored" spam shows exactly how well protected and private all users are.

                                  Facebook and privacy does not go well😶

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • gLT
                                    • 22 Nov 2022

                                    Teenagers still use Facebook?

                                      Do many teens even use a facebook account in late 2022? its an older generational platform as it is.
                                      People are leaving facebook in droves, I closed my facebook down a year ago, although I did reopen a new one just for marketplace and some travel groups, but I will not add anyone or anything to it to keep as much of myself off it as possible, its now merely a tool for me and not a social media platform, and given how they have messed up instagram with all those stupid algorithms, I am almost inclined to close that as well, facebook is done for really

                                        Wait I thought it's November
                                        Is it April 1st already?