Samsung Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro get a new Ball watch face with latest update

25 November 2022
The update also comes with the November 2022 security patch.

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Ew, FIFA World Cup. 🤮

    Anonymous, 25 Nov 2022Highlighting the mega bezel on the watch face. What for? ... moreThe big bezel serves a purpose, its the scroll ring. You move your finger around it to scroll around screens. Removing it would make it much more difficult to navigate. watches don't need to be bezel less.

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      • Anonymous
      • Ava
      • 27 Nov 2022

      Update cured the randomly daily reboots of my 5 Pro.

        Are these available for Watch 4? Because it's basically the same watch. They haven't changed anything.

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          • Anonymous
          • IbG
          • 26 Nov 2022

          MihaiRo, 26 Nov 2022Are you kidding me?500MB for a bew watch face and some &quo... moreBuy products on what is offered when you buy it, not when they say they will add it later.

            Are you kidding me?500MB for a bew watch face and some "security updates?!I paid some good money for this watch and now I get this as an update!When new functions?When the thermometer???

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              • AnonD-762416
              • Sec
              • 26 Nov 2022

              Vojtulee, 25 Nov 2022No thxEw, I also hate the best.

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                • kek
                • GBh
                • 26 Nov 2022

                This is as stupid as that one time Apple released an iOS update and one of its major features were "inclusive" emojis.

                One would think companies would take these devices out to try new integration ideas but in the end, they seem to be just another 1 pony trick.

                  No thx

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                    • Anonymous
                    • uGN
                    • 25 Nov 2022

                    Highlighting the mega bezel on the watch face. What for? Losing valuable screen realestate to a huge black ring around the perimeter! No thanks. Lose the bezel Sammy.

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                      • Magnificent Suleiman
                      • PH@
                      • 25 Nov 2022

                      Free Pepsi advertisement in the palm of your hand!

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                        • Chixby
                        • gS5
                        • 25 Nov 2022