Xiaomi 13 series and MIUI 14 launching on December 1

27 November 2022
Xiaomi is also gearing up to launch its Watch S2 smartwatch and Xiaomi Buds 4 TWS earphones as well as its first desktop computer and a projector.

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xiaomi is just flaunting all its electronics 🤩

    Wasn't series 12 released like a month ago? I could be wrong though, I am a little confused with Xiaomi naming scheme.

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      • XUv
      • 28 Nov 2022

      Aan2007, 28 Nov 202272mm? F that, thicker than Xiaomi 12 if I wanted to buy ... morePixel 6A is not that good.
      The tensor chip is HOT, burning HOT
      It's only a single SIM, which is a bummer
      Slow Charging
      And the OS, is not as optimized in battery as Xiaomi phone.

        72mm? F that, thicker than Xiaomi 12

        if I wanted to buy 72mm phone I would already buy Pixel 6A for 350EUR, only two reasons I haven't buy it it's the width and 5G enabling requiring rooting/hacking

        and after all Xiaomi offer is not even competitive, Pixel 6A comparable with Xiaomi 12X cost 350 EUR while extremely overpriced Xiaomi 12X cost like 470EUR, 100 EUR too much. where the world has came when Pixel has better deals than Xiaomi, insanity

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          • Jen
          • y6W
          • 28 Nov 2022

          Please Xiomara please 4k front camera

            Looks like Xiaomi took note of feedbacks and rectified 2 of the main complaints; lack of IP ratings and no flat display option. Now, we shall see if MIUI 14 will be getting nearer to stock Android.

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              • 28 Nov 2022

              sm4rt4ss, 28 Nov 2022Oof. It's gonna be a tough choice between Xiaomi 13 an... moreIt's an easy choice for me...
              any brand with 100Watt+ charger is good (xiaomi, oppo, vivo, realme, huawei. iqoo, redmi, poco)

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                • 28 Nov 2022

                Hopefully the camera bump won't be that big. If the phone won't wobble on my desk, then I'll probably get it.

                  Cant wait MIUI 14 Android 13. the name is the same as the Android version.. Xiaomi 13 Android 13 MIUI 14.

                    Oof. It's gonna be a tough choice between Xiaomi 13 and S23+. I'll wait for the pricing and the reviews.

                      Xiaomi is very close to perfection.
                      -less cluttered, more stable OS for Western Market
                      -more regular sw updates with less bugs, better after-sales support
                      -USB 3.1/3.2
                      -4k selfie video, better selfie photos

                        Did you hear that?

                        That's the sound of no one caring. They will be still using USB 2.0 speeds

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                          • KgZ
                          • 28 Nov 2022

                          It's IOS 16 not MIUI 14.

                            Well this came unexpectedly sooner than expected


                                Omg do i see completely flat design???? I'm here for it!

                                  • Feem
                                  • qK0
                                  • 28 Nov 2022

                                  Xiaomi really does make good phones if their software and price increases don’t get in the way, as well as feature removals.
                                  They have to price it all right though, pricing is the only thing that can maybe save them imo. Xiaomi has been getting awfully greedy as of recent. They’ll also have to start cutting down on phone releases in order to fix MIUI.
                                  Let’s see how the pricing is for this phone when compared to its features upon release.
                                  Also, it’s genuinely nice to see a flat screen when curve-screen phones are still being released.

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                                    • KA4
                                    • 28 Nov 2022

                                    Those bezels look too skinny. Xiaomi should increase them a bit otherwise cases won't fit on it

                                      Nice to see a flat screen on the regular Xiaomi 13 and probably a proper telephoto instead of the not so useful macro. Guessing they will launch at exactly the same price as the Vivo x90 and x90 pro which should provide good competition. The flat screen will save some costs so they should be able to maintain the same price as last year's Xiaomi 12 in the Chinese market. Looks like the main camera sensor on the Xiaomi 13 though will be a significant downgrade from the imx707 on the Xiaomi 12s. Hopefully, they stick to one flagship this year and optimise it better rather than launching a successor in 6 months like they did last year.

                                        IP 68 is interesting