Our Nokia X30 video review is now up

28 November 2022
This intriguing mid-ranger bets you'll go for sustainability chops over raw specs.

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  • I@H
  • 05 Dec 2022

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2022I'm patiently waiting for the day HMD declares bankrup... moreYeah..true. their phones have less specs but priced above better alternatives from other brand.
They just stick on Nokia brand but far of the quality of a real Nokia.

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    • n3q
    • 01 Dec 2022

    kek, 29 Nov 2022"Eco friendly" "Made in China" That... moreWhat isn't made in China these days? Your point is moot.

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      • N$b
      • 01 Dec 2022

      I'm patiently waiting for the day HMD declares bankruptcy and exits the smartphone market. They are being ridiculous with what they're offering the public now.

        C'mon Nokia, bring back the Notification light like the 7.2!

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          • CurtNorth
          • cUR
          • 29 Nov 2022

          This is too bad, I was actually rooting for Nokia to put out something a little better than this. I think we need more options in the phone market than what we currently have, but Nokia seems to have missed a golden opportunity to come in here with a well-speced mid-range phone.

          I don't understand the strategy with this phone at all.

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            • kek
            • GBh
            • 29 Nov 2022

            "Eco friendly"
            "Made in China"

            That's like saying "Freedom of Choice" and "North Korea"

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              • 7kk
              • 29 Nov 2022

              Finally a device which doesn't look like a plastic toy with giant chin

                Downside, nokia has not implemented fully material Ui on apps icon 🤨. Good phone though for stick android lovers

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                  • Sin
                  • pYQ
                  • 29 Nov 2022

                  Please change strategy the eco friendly and being sustainable

                  It's great too build a reliable phone that is durable and rugged
                  Software support great again

                  But this where it goes downhill

                  I personally highly doubt a Nokia smartphone will last long

                  no user removable battery a big problems with a smartphone lasting more than a few years

                  HMD Global's Nokia is apparently done playing the specs game with its Chinese competitors

                  This is the worsened choice there making
                  Hardware specs are very important I can't scream this loader and this why the Chinese competitors are winning and Nokia is not

                  Moore law is still going and ever year improvements are being too made better processor more ram faster and more storage

                  There something know as the software crisis
                  Where software gets heavyer ever year and old hardware become obsolete

                  Most people also prefer there smartphone was value for money hints want more ram & storage or better processor

                  everyone upgrades reason for better performance more smoothness and probably more storage space

                  It's sad too see Nokia making such a fatal mistake

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                    • kBY
                    • 29 Nov 2022

                    Nokia could really use some of that domestic Finnish manufacturing right now...