Nokia confirms Android 13 is coming to five more phones

02 December 2022
The latest X30 and G60 are not on the list.

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  • Ubaid
  • pmH
  • 13 Dec 2022

Why the hell no update for nokia 7.2???

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    • Sin
    • BiP
    • 08 Dec 2022

    I was all for android version updates security updates, OS updates originally

    In theory os updates and stock android are very good
    But in practice it's not all as good as it seem

    Have only owned Nokia budget phones but even old flagship suffer from this problem but not as badly

    This problem is do with how uniquely the android os can be ram hog of system resources and ram management system being very bad something that has never been fixed

    Also mainstream app development is aimed at flagships not mid range or budget phones and developer's do us no favours either

    So this is how it goes wrong for Nokia and low end hardware phones in general

    Ever new android version has higher system requirements then the last and mainstream apps also growing heavier than ever before also

    This means a budget phones less capable got less free storage and runs more sluggish

    There is a lack of future proofing the hardware with Nokia phones but they will run future versions of software this is a unhealthy combo for user experience

    Given Google states 6gb ram minimum requirements for android 12 now 13 is coming I really hope improved optimization comes but I highly doubt it

    Anyway rather disappointed this turn of events happened

    But first hand experience says OS updates are honestly of little benefits stock android ok but Google is problem

    Some much needed easy OS rollback feature is badly needed as a result of bugs 15sec black screen time out for example and sluggish performance

    Another feature I badly wish Nokia had
    is something know as virtual ram where phone storage is used as ram swoop space too try make up for the short comings of not having enough ram

    Android 12 is worsed version of android I have ever used and android 13 updates can't even changed back on Google pixel phones because of overwritten restore partition so Google just done a Microsoft

    Not happy with the playing field in the smartphone market at all and thought this kinda crap only happen on windows pc market

    Guess Nokia smartphones this time suffer because of Google instead of Microsoft

    Either way I hope a solution is find as I am looking else where as performance is not satisfiedly on Nokia budget phones

    Battery life on Nokia smartphones above average
    Sluggish but very good battery life considering the battery capacity and form factor

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      • Anonymous
      • mEk
      • 06 Dec 2022

      when is the new Nokia 8.3.5g coming to replace the old one

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        • XN9
        • 05 Dec 2022

        Love Nokia almost rest of my life...

        We need them on our Oceania market (Australia, New Zealand and specially Papua New Guinea.

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          • AnonD-1065015
          • nIv
          • 04 Dec 2022

          More failed implementation coming then

            It's so good to see Nokia still trying

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              • pjh
              • 04 Dec 2022

              Carol, 03 Dec 2022Nice one, would be nicer tough if they do not rush into thi... moreYou can fix 99% of bugs before release, but still 1% will remain because of the need of uservoice. You can't fix more bugs than about the number of people testing the app or OS in prerelease

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                • Taylor Swift
                • DEP
                • 03 Dec 2022

                My Nokia 5.3 didn't even get android 12 update. Are we lied?

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                  • Carol
                  • n@x
                  • 03 Dec 2022

                  Nice one, would be nicer tough if they do not rush into this release and fix everything buggie ahead of the official release.

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                    • Carol
                    • n@x
                    • 03 Dec 2022

                    SShock, 02 Dec 2022They call them X like they are something special. Instead, ... moreIf 541 euros, for the x30 is absurd amont of money, or the device is generic. Then 1700 euros devices are absurdly cheap....

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                      • Carol
                      • n@x
                      • 03 Dec 2022

                      Onanymaus, 03 Dec 2022Nokia already extended the usual Android One's 2 OS ve... moreI would actually like to see 5 or 6 years of security updates, OS updates are not that important for me, if the security is up ob check. Sadly they won't be able to do that, with that sort of support for old devices they will kill their own business. I m3an apple, google cand do that without a provlem, especially apple, that takes profit from each and every apple devices used on the whole period this person uses the device. But hmd has only the devices and not the enviroment to be able to also sustain their business, i don't think this will happen to soon, but well, finger crossed.

                        Anonymous, 02 Dec 2022X means Extended warranty and updatesNokia already extended the usual Android One's 2 OS versions to 3 versions for the X series. Would be nice if Nokia extend the security updates to 4 years so that users can keep their phones longer.

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                          • Alseini
                          • fuv
                          • 03 Dec 2022

                          SShock, 02 Dec 2022They call them X like they are something special. Instead, ... moreI just bought the XR20 and it's tougher than you can imagine with what ever phone you are using not even an iPhone can be compared to it in terms of quality and durability.
                          I buy phone's based on how long it can take me and the value for money.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • P$b
                            • 02 Dec 2022

                            SShock, 02 Dec 2022They call them X like they are something special. Instead, ... moreX means Extended warranty and updates

                              kek, 02 Dec 2022I wouldnt call the X lineup "cheap", because it i... moreThey call them X like they are something special. Instead, ALL Nokia phones feel generic and almost identical while costing absurd amount of money. Only reason one would buy them is name and even that is losing it's value and merit.

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                                • kek
                                • GBh
                                • 02 Dec 2022

                                I wouldnt call the X lineup "cheap", because it isnt.

                                For now, it seems the updates are coming fast and reducing the number of products was a good idea

                                  Still no unlockable bootloaders so can't update older phones 😒

                                    this is what you get how fast stock android updates.