Xiaomi announces 72 million units sold of the Redmi Note series in India

05 December 2022
The milestone comes after eight years of sales of the series.

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Hope the 12 series get rid of useless 2mp cameras

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    • Asaraf
    • rJ7
    • 06 Dec 2022

    But some good models launch only in china...

      Ki67, 05 Dec 2022Wow! It was quite a dumb comment. All Smartphone brands... moreSamsung has its fair share of problematic phones. Models using Exynos 9611 like A51 and M31 have motherboard issues that affected a lot of users and India is a major manufacturing hub for these models.

      And there are models with build quality issues like A52 and A52s with weak back cover adhesive. I happened to face this issue with my A52. I am not saying 'Made In India' is bad. Just want to point out you are wrong about only Xiaomi made in India have issues.

        so many Note 11 series are running well it seems... Still waiting for Note 12 global.

          • J
          • Jim
          • DGV
          • 06 Dec 2022

          Manufacturing orders from China down 40% in unrelenting demand collapse

          In short let me ooooouuuuut!

            My only problem with Xiaomi is their confusing and constant launch of smartphones like it's a piece of cake

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              • Michael Bevan
              • yZw
              • 05 Dec 2022

              When they are bringing Xiaomi Redmi Note12 series phones in India?

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                • Anonymous
                • Lkg
                • 05 Dec 2022

                This means 72 million iphones that could have been sold if prices were not above what it should be.

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                  • Ki67
                  • Hkw
                  • 05 Dec 2022

                  Anonymous, 05 Dec 2022eh because its made in india, what do you expect? also its ... moreWow!
                  It was quite a dumb comment.

                  All Smartphone brands manufacture their phones in india including Apple & Samsung.these brands do not have issues with their Made in India products only Xiaomi has.
                  It indicates that issue is from Xiaomi's side-either they are cheaping out or their Quality control is bad.

                  & Indian CEO is the reason for Xiaomi's pathetic phones.
                  Its dumb beyond help.

                  You know Google has improved their Pixels from their past generations so will you credit it to Indian CEO?

                  I think not.

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                    • Zeb
                    • MeP
                    • 05 Dec 2022

                    Anders, 05 Dec 2022I'd like to see the sales data for the Redmi Note 10 s... more@Anders why do you think Note 11 is overpriced. It's the most economical SD 680 phone across all brands. vivo, oppo, realme all are at least 25% more expensive with similar chipset and other comparable hardware.

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                      • Xaviour
                      • IWR
                      • 05 Dec 2022

                      Congratulations redmi,
                      really redmi phones are great for hardware spec and software spec for their price. but there is a small bugs are there in MIUI V13.0.13 for Redmi A1 (2/32). Internal sound isn't enough for calls (when receive and making a calls to others) and can't uninstall any unwanted apps also (for free storage). I think pure android is better for A1 (2/32).

                        Xiaomi deserve it success, waiting for the releasing of Note 12 global vesion and i guess it will be a total success worldwide

                          Redmi phones are of good quality (at least with my experience). But i hope they will improve more (software/hardware) and retain value for money moving forward.
                          Though i cant say all their phones are of good value for money, at least they offer many models with good price to performance ratio.
                          Congratulations for the milestone.

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                            • Solih
                            • KiJ
                            • 05 Dec 2022

                            Redmi note is great and accurate. because phone didnt have to be expensive. Some people dont need super camera, quickest chipset, amoled display, 5G, for their daily life.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • u7V
                              • 05 Dec 2022

                              BMHater12, 05 Dec 2022Oh yeah, 72 million Redmi phones with the worst build quali... moreeh because its made in india, what do you expect? also its because the former ceo india.....
                              now look new ceo Alvin look poco x4 gt/redmi k50i and say again

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                                • Anonymous
                                • u7V
                                • 05 Dec 2022

                                Anders, 05 Dec 2022I'd like to see the sales data for the Redmi Note 10 s... moreno ...redmi note 11 with sd 680 still a winner compared to another brand using same chip.and if you have more money you can buy redmi note 10/11 pro with sd720G

                                  I'd like to see the sales data for the Redmi Note 10 series Vs the overpriced under-specced Note 11 Series. I'd imagine the Redmi Note 11 series hasn't even hit 75% of the Redmi Note 10 series

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                                    • mega
                                    • 04R
                                    • 05 Dec 2022

                                    yeah 72 million sales and 65 million of them broke on the first 8 month of use just like mine. take down this damn company broke company left all my data inside and cant acceess them or use the phone at all dead phone

                                      Mostly people celebrate 10yrs.
                                      They should have celebrated 10th anniversary or something.
                                      That way they could advertise again , when they reached 100m very next year .

                                        Oh yeah, 72 million Redmi phones with the worst build quality possible, look at the Indian Note 10 Pro users over there, their selfie cams broke off thanks to an update that needs the SD732 reballed to get it working again