Google's Pixel Fold may have just run Geekbench under the Felix moniker

05 December 2022
The Google Felix is believed to be the long-awaited Pixel Fold.

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JLC, 06 Dec 2022Aha! What exactly is buggy and rushed? I'm asking as ... moreTo start with, on my note 10+, it was wonderful. i loved it up until one up 3.0. it began to have random crashes, freezes, random restarts, it would constantly drop signal for Bluetooth, WiFi, and mobile data, and the battery performance dropped significantly. this, I would consider tolerable after experiencing my flip 3. Fast forward to last year, when I "upgraded" to the flip 3. I bought it from Samsung, traded in my note 10+ for it, even purchased Samsung care for it. It was an amazing device, I loved it, for the first few days at least. It began experiencing the same issues as my old note did, but worse, and more of them. sometimes the camera wouldn't work, or the phone would become completely unresponsive, requiring a hard reboot. the cover screen would get stuck on a certain time, even when the phone was open and in use. Some of my pictures would even get corrupted on this phone. I thought it would be solved with the android 12 update, but it just got worse. one morning, a month after i got the update, i go to grab my phone to see my texts. it wouldn't unlock. restarts, letting the phone compleatly die then charge it again, I did everything, But it was done. I took it into UbreakIfix to see if they could help at least recover my data. They couldnt help, said that the "android system was crashing every time I tried to unlock it"

    JLC, 06 Dec 2022Aha! What exactly is buggy and rushed? I'm asking as ... moreroughly foldable. Optimal software properly or not. incidentally, the Android OS has its own Google.

      Bannd from PhoneArne, 06 Dec 2022Atleast snapdragon has nuvia , Tensynoishas Samsung 🤣Snapdragon Nuvia. Used Qualcomm pc end year 2024. Mobile used year 2026. (Samsung. For the big vision and mission, the dream team. SOC design 2020 and the final 2025 later) Samsung S23, S24 powered by Qualcomm SoC. (soc combining the design of Google Tensor with the AMD radeon team) used S25: 2x arm cortex X5, 4× arm cortex A7×××, 3× arm cortex, 1 core custom special power efficient. gpu Rdna 3/ 8 cores. (samsung cpu custom Moogoose Gen 5)+ (soc custom exynos. Exynos 2100 - Google Tensor G1. Exynos 2200- Google Tensor G2. Exynos 2300 - Google Tensor G3. Exynos 2400 - Google Tensor G4. Exynos 2500 - Google Tensor G5) development soc is not easy. (He said Qualcomm × Nuvia. The performance is equivalent to Amd Zen 2. Is the Oryon CPU the embodiment made by Nuvia, is it using a Windows-based soc arm. )

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        • 06 Dec 2022

        0odle-noodle, 05 Dec 2022fold 4 is the same price, at 1800$. And Samsung software is... moreAha! What exactly is buggy and rushed?
        I'm asking as someone that has been using Z Fold 3 and Z Fold 4 since day 1 of their respective release. I love how well this thing works, and how optimized it is, especially for the foldable form factor. Again, what exactly is buggy and ruched?

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          • 06 Dec 2022

          ARTE8800, 06 Dec 2022Much better than Slowdragon Atleast snapdragon has nuvia , Tensynoishas Samsung 🤣

            where are all those who mocked samsung for their thin bezels.

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              • 06 Dec 2022

              If I'm to buy a fold, I don't want an extra screen that could be used as space for more battery instead, I just a single tablet screen that folds both inwardly & outwardly.That way I can use it as a phone or tablet as per necessity while still enjoying a good battery.

                Anonymous, 06 Dec 2022Should wait for Apple to release a folding phone. It'... moreOut of the >3000 posts I have on this site, I can guarantee you can count on your fingers how many include the things I like about anything Apple related.

                I said this is another cruddy foldable because it isn't like the Mix Alpha or Mate X.

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                  • 06 Dec 2022

                  joe nodden, 05 Dec 2022Another cruddy fold with this design eh. Should wait for Apple to release a folding phone.
                  It'll look the same (basic design) but to people like you, it'll be new and revolutionary, lol.

                    Anonymous, 05 Dec 2022Since Tensor performance is so damn mediocre, will it get 2... moreMuch better than Slowdragon

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                      • 06 Dec 2022

                      MiMix2 looks much

                      Sharp edges

                      Than this ugly curved

                        Google entering the foldable space interesting

                          I wish rhe Galaxy Fold and Flip would come in 2 sizes each. And slightly better cameras.

                            Another cruddy fold with this design eh.

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                              • 05 Dec 2022

                              Anonymous, 05 Dec 2022Since Tensor performance is so damn mediocre, will it get 2... moreIt is not what I have seen in some videos, even against the Apple soc, obviously it does not have that power, it erased it is not so weak with tensor 1

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                                • 05 Dec 2022

                                Since Tensor performance is so damn mediocre, will it get 2025 Samsung Dream team chips as well?

                                  0odle-noodle, 05 Dec 2022the fold 4 launched at 1800$ in august. and even of youre g... more1. In my country Pixel phones are always over priced for what they offer. I love the pure Android experience but the price point doesn't let anyone experience it. The Pixel 7 is priced a bit more competitive, but it's still not great. And I wouldn't be surprised if this Fold device was also overpriced here.

                                  2. A product released before will usually always be cheaper than a product released recently. Fold 4 came before, it'll depreciate faster and be cheaper than the pixel fold which will launch in the future

                                    UltraHD, 05 Dec 2022Don't reply to that person, that person always trolls ... moreYeah, I was going to comment only once and ignore them if they still didn't make any sense

                                      HopeFilledIdiot, 05 Dec 2022You can't be real rn my guy. PC will always triumph ov... moreDon't reply to that person, that person always trolls no matter what you comment.

                                        HopeFilledIdiot, 05 Dec 2022That's weird. I see it priced at $1400 on GSMArena. ... morethe fold 4 launched at 1800$ in august. and even of youre going to go with sales prices/prices due to the device becoming outdated, it will still be cheaper than the fold 4, since sales go on for pixels all the time, and they lose value fast.