Samsung US offers holiday savings on the Galaxy Z Fold4, S22 series and Tab S8 series

08 December 2022
The "Discover Samsung" event is your last chance to order something and have it arrive before December 24.

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  • WheeleR
  • mtj
  • 13 Dec 2022

I'm a little bit tired to saw, Samsung having weekly/monthly deals/savings ONLY in US !
There is no, Trade in - Offer in Romania ...
Or doesn't worth for here !

I ordered a refurbished a Galaxy Note 10+ from Alliexpress, just for 427.41$, and I am a happy person with a Snapdragon variant phone in the Europe.

Hopefully in 2023, we will see snapdragon variant all over the world.

    remember guys, the higher the sale is, the less sales that product has!

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      • Admin Specialist
      • rRU
      • 08 Dec 2022

      These models are still way overpriced.

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        • Anonymous
        • HVC
        • 08 Dec 2022

        Eh, I'm happy with my A52s. It can support more storage than these flagships ever will.

          Those so called deals are very costly if you have to trade another device which will samsung probably use as a spare parts for upcomming new series like Apple does.