ZTE to unveil the nubia Z50 series on December 19

12 December 2022
The main cam will have a custom 35mm equivalent lens the same light input as a 1” sensor.

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  • 14 Dec 2022

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2022Is ZTE sensor bigger than iPhone 14 ??? If so, i may try ZTEOfc, iphone is mediocre in terms of big sensor no match against samsung, zte etc u name it, but they good in software same like pixel.

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    • 13 Dec 2022

    I think that nubia Z50 have xiaomi 12s ultra main camera?

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      • 13 Dec 2022

      Well lets see how they manage after such fine.

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        • 12 Dec 2022

        I hope they make more Nubia mini smartphone and Nubia dual screen smartphones

        Ever time I looked they where sold out
        Seems there selling well when there making them it is

          ZTE is one of these brands that are good but just neglected by the world probably because of they hav not made anything game changing for people to be surprised about

          and mostly because of their PR.its not good enough, they don't even send it to enough reviewers and u don't see enough of their commercials

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            • 12 Dec 2022

            Is ZTE sensor bigger than iPhone 14 ??? If so, i may try ZTE

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              • 12 Dec 2022

              Here's hoping it's an under display camera like the axon40ultra (similar design maybe?) Gorgeous phone.

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                • 12 Dec 2022

                Nubia Z40 Pro/Axon 40 Ultra uses IMX787 1.1/7 sensor 35mm lens. I feel that the custom sensor they would use for Z50 will be an "IMX887", perhaps with a 1/1.5 size sensor which I think would be large enough especially for a 35mm lens setup

                  ZTE hurrying to release flagships like vivo