Motorola Moto X40 certified with 68W and 125W charging options

13 December 2022
It was certified with two chargers - one is 68W and the other is a 125W GaN adapter.

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HopeFilledIdiot, 13 Dec 2022If it's two models separated by just charging speeds, ... moreas the post said, they're expecting for there to be a x40 and a x40 pro, with the x40 likely having slightly worse cameras, screen, ram, storage, and will likely charge slower, since its likely the one with the 68w charging and the 5000mAh battery

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    • 13 Dec 2022

    Moto X40....more like the Moto X Boring!

      If it's two models separated by just charging speeds, I wonder what the price differential between them would be?

      Would they focus on making the 68W charging model a superb price for performance value device and risk having a huge divide between this model and the 125W model thus making it seem like you're paying a hefty premium for just charging speed?

      Or would they focus on making the price gap between them smaller thus effectively making it just a better deal to go for the 125W model and risking sabotaging their lower end model themselves?

      Interesting indeed.