Oppo unveils OHealth H1, MariSilicon Y, and Air Glass 2 at Inno Day 2022

13 December 2022
The OHealth H1 is a clever health monitor, the MariSilicon Y an advanced Bluetooth audio SoC.

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  • 15 Dec 2022

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2022now unleash your monster (find x6) please .Will happen in February 2023

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    • 14 Dec 2022

    now unleash your monster (find x6) please .

      Quality of life improvement products

        IpsDisplay, 14 Dec 2022How much for those glassesWould have been $500 in prediction

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          • Omika
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          • 14 Dec 2022


            Smart glasses should start with just having a camera which could be veeery useful for anyone. Now we got a pricy ones and useless ones(for most people).
            It's like companies creating foldables but forgetting to reasonably compete in camera field with top flagships.
            Still, good to see someone try.

              How much for those glasses