Realme 10s is launching tomorrow, design and colors revealed

15 December 2022
It looks similar to the Realme 10 4G.

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Jeez how many devices are the chinese gonna launch every day? SMH. Ew.

    Anonymous, 15 Dec 2022Please, cancel. Oppo has A , K, Reno and Find. Realme a... moreOppo need OnePlus now to reach market which Oppo couldn't
    Of course by rebranding see of Oppo devices

      Of course it will have something like that: 50MP+ 2MP decorative camera, LCD 90/120 Hz, Mediatek g99. But why is this phone?

        Inb4 we have 10 different Realme 10 models soon.

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • YUU
          • 15 Dec 2022

          Let me guess 🤔 screen size will be more than 6.5 inch and the SoC will be something that are not worth mentioning 🤦🏻‍♂️

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • Lkg
            • 15 Dec 2022

            Please, cancel.

            Oppo has A , K, Reno and Find. Realme and oneplus not needed.

              looks like realme V20 5G design.