Nothing Phone (1) gets Nothing OS 1.5 beta, based on Android 13

15 December 2022
This was announced at the beginning of the month and is now rolling out.

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  • 17 Dec 2022

Think a led rabbit design on the back with led ears on the sides or something else but this not good

    Nothing phone 1 already got around 4 major software updates since it was launched. so I think thats a proof they support the phone. People who say they not support it is wrong or have never tryed one for real.
    Im sure they could put out Android 13 in a rush. But I prefeer a stabile version.
    If you want it faster then go for the beta version.

      Pretty sad how Essential, which was bought out to make Nothing, made a far better phone with far better software support than Nothing. They released cleaner updates and did it quicker than even Google to Pixel phones I believe.

      Oh how Carl Pei and Essential have fallen. 🤦‍♂️

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        • MFI
        • 16 Dec 2022

        no-thing-2-co-mment---pro-ceed-2-next 🤖

          The update, there's nothing in it.

            AnonD-834088, 16 Dec 2022What's your bacis then in slated that fella,come on le... moreIt should be obvious. Since you didn't get it either, forget it.

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              • 16 Dec 2022

              Tr1kk1, 16 Dec 2022Get your facts straight, before making stupid comments.What's your bacis then in slated that fella,come on let's here it, shocking to say the least 😡

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                • 3SI
                • 16 Dec 2022

                I don’t trust any developer or manager that names versions in jumps from version 1.1 to 1.5

                  Hope Nothing 2 will get rid of the gimmick lights and corner punch camera.

                    bluedragon1eye, 16 Dec 2022Carl Pei's little pop-up kiosks in middle of streets s... moreGet your facts straight, before making stupid comments.

                      Carl Pei's little pop-up kiosks in middle of streets seem a very promising for doing dumbling noodle soup, rather than involving into this kind of stuff.
                      Nothing Phones are getting nothing updates to improve nothing and nothing better, lol!

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                        • 16 Dec 2022

                        What will this brand do for next year, I should already see rumors of nothing 2