Purple Sony Xperia Z hits UK in early April

13 March, 2013
Sony Xperia Z in purple will be hitting the UK in early April, probably the rest of the Europe too.

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  • AnonD-1267

O2 have the exclusive deal on the purple variant in their uk stores (although they still sell the black version, they don't have the white one).

Carphone warehouse also sell the purple one, but only if you get it on o2. It should'nt be branded if you get it via carphone.

  • AnonD-116611

I to have one in purple! it's so awesome!

  • John paul

I am having a purple one and its osm....!

  • I know more than you

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2013 XPERIA Z and ZL copied LG Optimus G AT&T model My friend, I guess you know nothing so, I just tell you something. In Japan SONY has been offering phones in different colors for years and recently those mediocre LG too...

  • slanze

apparently telstra in australia is getting the purple one too

  • allez l bleus !!!

I have this purple model un France since 28 february 2013...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2013LG copied Apple iPhone. Apple copied Sony. The end. Sony wins. XPERIA Z and ZL copied LG Optimus G AT&T model

  • O2 advisor

Most O2 stores in the UK have had stock of this handset since launch, so if you want one you can already pick it up at an O2 shop.

  • industry insider

Just a heads up. the carphone warehouse has had stock of the purple handset delivered with pre orders on release date. So this article is behind the times im afraid...

  • AnonD-49943

is all Xperia are made in China?

  • Chris o2 employee

I work for o2 and we already have this in the UK. Had my hands already on it and it looks amazing.

  • Seph

anon, 13 Mar 2013I beg to differ as i work for vodafone uk and if we have a ... moreIt's available in the business sector. I know it's not on the consumer site.

  • Anonymous

Carphone Warehouse have been selling it in Purple, albeit locked to O2, since launch.

  • AnonD-52325

AnonD-89471, 13 Mar 2013I believe that Iphone 4 from few years ago was first all gl... moreIphone4 had similar design but everyone knows its inspired by sony design concept..

  • AnonD-122633

Powerful and beautiful phone! That colour is cool! This is way better than ugly plasticy S4. It's also water resistant! I take mine with me in the shower and sing along to the tunes! You should definitely check it out!

  • jayturnerrr

its already out in the uk. came out on the day of the release on o2

  • memo

The purple is already available in the UK on O2 ( exclusive to O2)

  • waters

Bob, 13 Mar 2013I have had the purple Xperia Z since 9th March in Singapore. do you want a medal?

  • stelbin

very attrative color. good looking mobile