Purple Sony Xperia Z hits UK in early April

13 March, 2013
Sony Xperia Z in purple will be hitting the UK in early April, probably the rest of the Europe too.

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]LG copied Apple iPhone. Apple copied Sony. The end. Sony wins.

  • Bob

I have had the purple Xperia Z since 9th March in Singapore.

  • AnonD-89471

I believe that Iphone 4 from few years ago was first all glass device.

  • EE

EE - Orange/T-Mobile getting it very soon too

  • anon

Seph, 13 Mar 2013O2 do not have exclusivity. Vodafone have it too.I beg to differ as i work for vodafone uk and if we have a phone it is on our website. the purple z is not on the vodafone.co.uk site and therefore is not available through vf directly. may be with a 3rd party like cpw or phones4u?

  • guru

o2 already have the purple and are selling NOW!!

  • Seph

Stoozo, 13 Mar 2013I work for O2-UK. We've had the purple Xperia Z since late Feb..... moreO2 do not have exclusivity. Vodafone have it too.

  • AnonD-60230

[deleted post]U knw what, this guy in sony's links... He just cant digest sony's success!
And look he dnt even have a name!

  • lee

the xperia Z in purple is already at carphone warehouse

  • Stoozo

I work for O2-UK. We've had the purple Xperia Z since late Feb... We've got exclusivity just now.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Let this LG fanboy troll here, thank him for adding popularity to Xperia z.

  • Pavan

Its already available in India, and i have it!

  • AnonD-57609

Looks awesome, calling for a design award as well

  • AnonD-118519

unfortunately its late.
i got my white one a week ago although i love the purple one so much.

  • AnonD-80147

Love this color n phone..

  • AnonD-106804

its already available in India... waiting for S4 otherwise would have bought it

  • Anonymous

Looks yummy! Can't wait.

  • jhgfds

now that's a colour!