nubia Z50 announced with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and 35mm main cam

19 December 2022
The 35mm main cam features a Sony IMX 787 sensor which should be ideal for natural-looking bokeh shots.

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Zte is doing some impressive work lately, they have very competitve prices and bring many innovations, in many cases leading the industry.
Their latest tablet with 3D view is the single most innovative thing we have seen in 2023
Its a bit disappointing though to see them dropping their latest trademark in their flag ships, the underscreen selfies. Instagram wonna be models can choose from a variety of manufacturers for their selfie needs. There are many more who wouldnt want to sacrifice screen estate and thick status bars, in order to host selfie cams for selfies they dont actually make. Those ppl would appreciate a clean full screen surface and minimal burn in risk, above their selfie needs.
Zte were one of the very few options for that and thus made me choose their excellent Red Magic 8pro+, as my second phone. Sad to see them becoming like the rest...

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    • 30 Dec 2022

    DId MyOS missing notification?

      Absurd storage markups once again even with the Chinese prices, possibly due to the lowest tier being a loss leader?

      Costs $100 to go from 128GB to 256GB (and +4GB RAM). That's a $10+$15 cost on a PC. Then you can see how much they're marking it up with a somewhat reasonable $40 going from 256GB to 512GB. But then $300 to go from 512GB to 1TB (and +4GB RAM), a $40+$15 cost on PC. At least they're giving us the option in the first place.

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        • 22 Dec 2022

        The poster suggests that they're playing with some sort of equivalence again...not a good sign.

          Well, 35mm cameras were all the rage in earlier times too.

          I remember in 2008, my Samsung INNOV8 had a very solid 35~ mm camera. Even earlier Nokia phones were around this focal length (equivalent) only. It was great for travelling.

          This will be a boon for travellers.

            Irwanchel, 19 Dec 2022Lmao it's 2023 almost and people still complaining no ... moreSD Card is a reliable tool if the phone went dead from any reason, and yet all the data aren't on cloud ... Or even with enought network capacity for all (See when power outages occurs, when everyone is on 4/5G the real speed 😳), and can withstand a lot 😍

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              • 20 Dec 2022

              will it still record crappy audio like the 30 an 40 ultra? where noise reduction is so over used you literally lose sounds... 2 people talking the cut each other out 3 people talking 1 of them is literally turned off you cant hear them echo's severe tinnyness no lows wavy mids an wavy highs fading intermittent hear it 1 sec dont hear it the next... its bad really bad

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                • 20 Dec 2022

                JustSomeRandomGuy, 19 Dec 2022I'm curious...what does 35 mm camera brings? How is it... moreIt's not "better", it's longer focal length compared to other phone's main camera means it's more zoomed in and a narrow field of view. It's also supposed to be similar to field of view of our eyes. A longer focal length should also reduce distortion around edges of photo and will allow better zooming to the subject before telephoto kicks is.
                I think with ultrawide cameras being so common, there's absolutely no need for ~24mm (equivalent) focal length almost all phones use. It's too short of a focal length and edge distortion is more apparent.
                If you want wider field of view just use ultrawide camera of your phone.

                  Anonymous, 19 Dec 2022787 is not 1/1.3". It is 1/1.76" like 686. 6... moreDoes it mean that the camera of this model is good or bad? can you rate it from 1 to 10? Thank you sir

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                    • 20 Dec 2022

                    All these curved phones seem to have the same design. Getting boring now.

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                      • 20 Dec 2022

                      ZTE my favorite brand. blade nubia

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                        • 20 Dec 2022

                        JustSomeRandomGuy, 19 Dec 2022I'm curious...what does 35 mm camera brings? How is it... moreAt 35 mm the photo is 1:1 to what you see with your eyes

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                          • 20 Dec 2022

                          Good call with the 35mm, now scrap the horrible ultrawide and replace it with 50mm portrait lens

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                            • 20 Dec 2022

                            JustSomeRandomGuy, 19 Dec 2022I'm curious...what does 35 mm camera brings? How is it... moreIt is a more natural focal length, it is closer to 43mm which is arguably normal on a 35mm film camera, bit the downside to a 35mm equivalent focal length is that a larger lens is required, so either the aperture is smaller or the sensor is smaller.

                            With a wider lens, most android manufacturers have settled on 23mm, a larger sensor and larger aperture can be used, but the images look less natural.

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                              • 20 Dec 2022

                              what a beast .

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                                • 20 Dec 2022

                                JustSomeRandomGuy, 19 Dec 2022I'm curious...what does 35 mm camera brings? How is it... moreNarrower field of view. Less distortion, closer to human eye FOV, an old arround focal length

                                  Lmao it's 2023 almost and people still complaining no sd card and no headphone jack 🤣🤣

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                                    • 19 Dec 2022

                                    P C M, 19 Dec 202235MM lens should be standard in this industry. Every manufa... moreI'm curious...what does 35 mm camera brings? How is it better than other phone cameras?

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                                      • 19 Dec 2022

                                      TechFa, 19 Dec 2022The article says 'custom' though I think a change in sensor size would mean it's not a custom variant anymore, rather a different sensor altogether. If you were to increase clock speed of a processor, it's fine to call it "plus" or "custom", but a change in transistor size? If they decide to call it custom then that's crazy. If 8 gen 1 was called "custom 888" "888 plus" then that's crazy no doubt.

                                        No telephoto
                                        No headphone jack
                                        No micro SD
                                        Stupid curved screen
                                        No ip67/68

                                        You all expect so little. The price might seem good but it's the Chinese price. Global would be nearly double