Sony LinkBuds S review

26 December 2022
Sony's smallest and lightest noise-canceling earbuds, 40% more compact than the flagship WF-1000XM4.

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  • Sony India User
  • Kxb
  • 06 Aug 2023

Noise cancellation doesn't work on Sony LinkBuds S. I went to 2 service centre they sent me back saying it won't work, this is how the call quality is. Basically, they compared the the call quality with the Phone call quality (i.e directly on phone call with 1 mic).

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    • 69420Tit
    • raM
    • 02 Aug 2023

    Anonymous, 28 Dec 2022Mountains of E-Waste, because devices become useless after ... moreSo true

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      • s0B
      • 28 Dec 2022

      Anonymous, 27 Dec 2022Doesnt airpods cost way more? plus they arent even close to sony

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        • bro
        • 0Uw
        • 28 Dec 2022

        It is a good (and finally decent named) sony product. I even made a wireless charging module for it. Too bad it has a serious sweatproofing issue. Mine is in service for the second time. After 2-3 months while actively using it in workouts, one of the buds will develop a loud hissing sound. But since sony is replacing the faulty bud without question in service, I assume they know about the issue. Price is a bit spicy, 50 usd less would be acceptable.

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          • n3q
          • 28 Dec 2022

          DMX, 27 Dec 2022Stop living in the past!!Mountains of E-Waste, because devices become useless after 2years, constant mining of rare earth metals by child slaves, for all of the rechargeable batteries and then being forced to spend money every 2 years because of planned obsolescence all to maintain an unsustainable circular economy.
          You might like licking the boots of corporations, because 'Progress', however some of us don't like being railroaded into doing what is best for corporations.

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            • Lmn
            • Nu6
            • 28 Dec 2022

            Got em for $80 at Amazon uae

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              • Xergi
              • Scq
              • 28 Dec 2022

              Anonymous, 26 Dec 2022What i would love to hear in a review like this are the mic... moreI experience exactly the same, mic quality in normal phone calls is good, but with WhatsApp or Telegram the mic anc is totally dysfunctional

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                • am0
                • 27 Dec 2022

                Jazz Sidhu, 27 Dec 2022I have these and I love them, except for the fact they tend... moreXm3 are better, these are garbage, lower version off 10004xm

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                  • MPM Revolution
                  • nvy
                  • 27 Dec 2022

                  Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW,ATH-CKS70TW for people who can afford.
                  Creative Outlier for middle-range buyter
                  Soundpeats for budget buyer.

                  All brands have models that lasts at least 15 hours on single charge.
                  Sony is camera,tv,Playstation maker thats it

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                    • ae86
                    • vaS
                    • 27 Dec 2022

                    agree with the app, everything is flawless and then theres the app, same goes for the JBL app.

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                      • Jazz Sidhu
                      • Ih8
                      • 27 Dec 2022

                      I have these and I love them, except for the fact they tend to fall from my ears sometimes

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                        • Pitchwisse
                        • cTN
                        • 27 Dec 2022

                        I have the entire range of Sony wireless earbuds, and I absolutely hate these. I have gone back to the entry level WF-C500, simply because the flagship ones won't stay in ear, and Linkbuds S (even though they fit great) they sound like absolute thrash. These have no instrument separation, no artifacts, and the bass is terribly muddy and murky. I fyou care about how your music sounds, and not the ANC and all other gimmicks, go for the C500 and save some money in the process.

                          GSMarena is not checking ambient sound and call quality in noisy enviroments.
                          They find every piece of trash ok-ish in that aspect, they only rate music quality and anc efficiency, anything that can be checked in 3mins...

                            Got these for $128 on black friday, they're really good for that price. My only gripe is lack of wireless charging. It should be noted that Sony is updating them to support LC3 in a few months.

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                              • PxQ
                              • 27 Dec 2022

                              "As usual, Sony does not specify what codec was used for these claims."


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                                • Rkm
                                • FY0
                                • 27 Dec 2022

                                Blood upon the snow. Nice.
                                You should try the Final ZE3000. I bought it and honestly, despite being bare bones the sound is spectacular.

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                                  • Nameless
                                  • 0xQ
                                  • 27 Dec 2022

                                  3 reasons why I returned my Linkbuds S:
                                  1. They are too small. They kept falling out of my ears.
                                  2. Annoying accidental touch control activation when trying to sqeeze earbud into the ear.
                                  3. Noise canceling changes the quality of the sound.
                                  Got myself WF-500 and I'm happy.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • kZW
                                    • 27 Dec 2022

                                    I returned mine because they constantly disconnected from paired devices. The firmware was buggy and the app was clunky. I even had to hard reset each earbud using the built in reset button. Hidden reset buttons are only for engineering demonstrations!

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                                      • Swaraj
                                      • DkD
                                      • 27 Dec 2022

                                      they could make great wired earphones. but they want you to keep buying from them every 2 year. i feel sorry for the lot who buy this in the name of convenience or comfort or fashion trend . what a passionless way to live ..

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                                        • 8xr
                                        • 27 Dec 2022

                                        David , 27 Dec 2022Everyone pushing wireless earphones because they are useles... moreStop living in the past!!