Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Sony Xperia Z display shootout appears

14 March, 2013
The Galaxy S IV Super AMOLED display was reviewed in detail ahead of its announcement.

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  • AnonD-98072

xperia z wins , I don't care about black level , but xperia z produce more natural color you can notice from skin color .

  • sbangar672\

xperia z wins here........:)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2013HTC is a (true) 1080p . It adds little sharpness all the while r... moreS4 has 1080p screen......what are you talking about?

  • AnonD-78115

How clear can a breast feeding mom be is a filthy idea to check clarity of a display screen, but still i can't believe its an s4 i still believe its an tweaked Chinese version with stolen or tweaked Samsung touchwized os

  • Anonymous

aditzut, 14 Mar 2013Htc One has a the best display. They compare with sony xperia z ... moreHTC is a (true) 1080p . It adds little sharpness all the while rapes battery life. Samsung was smart to use an 720p display in S4 (even though they call it 1080p). Therefore by definition htc's display is not good enough (1080p is quite a disadvantage in these small displays)).

  • AnonD-116177

I love th z's display

  • AnonD-78383

This is very interesting!

  • AnonD-60990

I disagree . Reality display is better although it have a lower contrast but more real colors not just over saturated , and with bravia engine the Xperia Z wins.

  • AnonD-123936

Absoltuly stupid of Samsung to make the siV as the previous S3, I currently have the S3, and it is not impressive, due to the Build quality, My screen broke after 4 months by dropping it .1 Meter.

The screen on the S3 and the S4, look alike, the Xperia Z screen looks brighter with a better outlook, the black levels arent good as the the SIV but it is decent enough.

  • aditzut

Htc One has a the best display. They compare with sony xperia z because it has very worse contrast, blacks, and viewing angles!

  • pox

Ohly god!
Gs4 has some major over saturation going on. And very dark images too when put together with the Xperia Z.
Let's not even mention GS3

  • Anonymous

2nd row last picture to the right, the s3 looks better then the s4.

  • Anonymous

The only good think I can see in it is the use of pen tile display, finally a smart use of pen tile displays. It has 8 instead of 12 sub pixels so what Samsung calls (criminally IMO) a 1080p display actually creates the sharpness of a 720p display (which is what is should had been called). Which is IDEAL. 720p displays in that small screens are almost identical to 1080p in perceived sharpness with the added bonus of lower power consumption AND less GPU demands. So yeah this would probably be the best screen in the market....

With Samsung's insistence on big ugly bezels I then I'm only left with xperia ZL, if zl had no washed out colors I would had already preordered (given that s4 offers nothing of importance apart from the screen)

  • Kaushal

Nice Phone