Sony unveils Project Leonardo: a modular  PS5 controller designed for players with disabilities

05 January 2023
One or two of these can be used simultaneously, each can be configured as needed to match the player's strength, range of motion and particular physical needs.

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  • 22 Apr 2023

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2023How do you know they haven't done that yet?I think I did make them start think about handicap peoples because i keep on bug them last year because my Xbox adapt controller block on ps5 I think I said they should make special controllers for handicaps people by sony and this will open new world for alot people and I have voice for whos cant talk and I think playing games should for every one and I think its shouldnt be on only one system whos dosent like Xbox every one should have alot choose which systems

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    • Anonymous
    • IVE
    • 06 Jan 2023

    YoloBS, 05 Jan 2023Now only if they give some jobs to peoples with disabilitie... moreHow do you know they haven't done that yet?

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      • AnonD-731363
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      • 05 Jan 2023

      Looks interesting on a first loom but on the other hand also looks like a worst thing to use because its too complex.

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        • U{k
        • 05 Jan 2023

        I hope the extensions are compatible between this and Xbox controller.

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          • 05 Jan 2023

          Sony is the best

            Now only if they give some jobs to peoples with disabilities too .

              Chris, 05 Jan 2023Preordering for my PC 5yo thanks a lot!.I'm going to mirror the other people here and tell you to buy the Xbox Adaptive controller instead. It's more modular, so it can be connected to many other things albeit wired and it also works everywhere.

              I'd also suggest waiting for a review from any trusted source(IGN, Eurogamer etc) first.

                Chris, 05 Jan 2023Preordering for my PC 5yo thanks a lot!.Just get the xbox adaptive controller its better. It has attachments to it and are better than this one. Itll cost $200 thou. But we dont know about this one. Also the other one has lots of connecters to connect many things to it. And since its wired. It can be moved anywhere. While with this one. Some stuff are stuck in the circular pad. Or just wait till it gets reviewed and check out both. And see which is best.

                  Its worse than xbox version.

                  This one is circular. Meaning to touch a button you want you need to spin it (if it does) or reach for it. While with xbox its a tablet pretty much and can connect multiple controls to it and since its with wire. You can put them anywhere you want. While with this its stuck to it only able to move them around in the circle plate.

                  So yea xbox adaptive controller is better.

                  Also if you or someone has limited motion. Good luck reaching any other button. Unless someone is there 24/7 spinning it or switching them. Cuz some people cant move their arm but only their fingers.

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                    • Chris
                    • FNx
                    • 05 Jan 2023

                    Preordering for my PC 5yo thanks a lot!.

                      Bravo Sony! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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                        • Dirth
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                        • 05 Jan 2023

                        Excellent work from Sony! I hope it works well when released. I'm glad they are taking a step in the right direction - the Xbox adaptive controller has been top class for accessible gaming and other applications for a while now, good to see Sony taking accessibility seriously too :)