Honor Magic5 Lite surfaces on the Google Play Console with a Snapdragon 695 chipset

06 January 2023
But not exactly the same Snapdragon 695 chip as the one used in last year's Magic4 Lite - this one has a mild overclock on its small CPU cores.

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  • Hafiz Chen
  • IVR
  • 08 Jan 2023

This is actually the Honor X9a with the super tough OLED curved glass display that already been released in Malaysia few days ago, Idk why they renamed it to Magic5 lite when they can call it X9a just like in malaysia, but they choose to rename it for other market instead.

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    • llucic
    • snP
    • 07 Jan 2023

    Haven't heard for Honor x9a?
    Released a few days ago.

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      • Anonymous
      • tZ4
      • 07 Jan 2023

      This looks awfully similar to the X9a that was launched in Malaysia a couple of days.

        CargoJoe, 06 Jan 2023Won't be surprised if this a rebrand of another device... moreWait a minute, isn't that a rebrand of X40? (insert a face palm emoji here, I'm on PC.)

          honor lover, 06 Jan 2023almost every reviewer degrades this chipset because it'... morethe main thing is nobody (other than these YouTubers or media creators ) use 4k on phone so it is kind of pointless for normal people and 695 does give good casual app performance and great battery life

            • L
            • Lasse
            • gEj
            • 06 Jan 2023

            According the screenshot the screen is 1080x2400 with a 480 DPI density. If that DPI is correct, the screen size would be only 5.5 inches.

              Won't be surprised if this a rebrand of another device. Then again haven't seen any other device like this atm.

                Sd695 lol they are going to fool cuztomers by advertising how good the camera, curved display and battery..but didn't mention how bad sd695 for such high price. I could add another rm200 or 45usd more for sd8 Gen 1+ for lenovo y70

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • Jhx
                  • 06 Jan 2023

                  Releasing a smartphone which boots Android 12 in 2023, well done Honor! What's next, a phone with Snapdragon 665?

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • PEW
                    • 06 Jan 2023

                    If hell does exist, it's for manufacturers who continue to use 695 in midrange and even high range and 870 which is rebrand of 865+ which is in turn 865 for fourth year in a row

                      • h
                      • honor lover
                      • Hxe
                      • 06 Jan 2023

                      almost every reviewer degrades this chipset because it's 4k issue.

                      Realme and Honor, still they are never mind.