Honor Magic5 visits the MIIT, Pro and Ultimate models rumored to have quad 50MP cameras

11 January 2023
The vanilla Magic5 will have only a triple camera setup, but leaked photos of its camera island suggest an upgraded periscope compared to its predecessor.

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Huawei is behind this....

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    • Anonymous
    • Lkg
    • 12 Jan 2023

    Imagine if this shows up with same main camera of p60 series. LOL

      Can't wait to see what the the new gen has to offer. But honestly they should get rid of the curve screen. Or at least make it less curvy like the S21 Ultra or the Pixel 7 Pro.

        Looks very similar to the mate 50 pro from the back

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          • Amitangshu
          • CbG
          • 11 Jan 2023

          I just hope that they launch the line-up in India this time especially the Pro model if only comes. Really want to buy a phone with dual biometric set-up but currently none of the companies are selling ones with dual biometrics except Honor and Huawei though the latter is providing optical fingerprint scanners instead of ultrasonic ones.

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            • 3p7
            • 11 Jan 2023

            Fastest win this race.

            Xiaomi, Vivo, Honor, Oneplus.. cmoooon,

            Many people waiting for new flagships after 2022 craps with gen1... Me too, i want buy phone right now but i cant.. who come first = buy for me.

            OP 11, Vivo 90 Pro xia 13 pro, honor 5 pro... Dont care, all phones will be good, just who came first..

              "Note the 100x zoom label, that refers to digital zoom, of course, and likely means 10x optical zoom."
              Not necessarily. Honor Magic4 Pro "only" has 3.5x zoom with up to 100x digital zoom.

                Looks like a T-Mobile Revvl 6 but with massive cameras. lol


                  That's cool and all but the Ultimate model will probably be China only (again) and without Google services. EU will most likely only get the Pro which is a shame.

                    Will be curved again. Also not amoled from samsung but BOE

                      Hope they're wrong and lite is not a X9a rebrand and uses proper midrange cameras along with 6 gen 1