Apple is reportedly working on a smart display for smart home control

19 January 2023
It will essentially be a low-end iPad that you can mount on walls or elsewhere using "magnetic fasteners".

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    Brands should work together more or we may see more of smart division, some smart devices working best only with one brand... Maybe only EU can help, so there is less of useless junk.

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      • 19 Jan 2023

      Koishi Komeiji, 19 Jan 2023iHome? or iNest?The last product Apple put the "i" at the start of was the iPad, every other new product they've released has either had "Apple" at the start, or "Pod" at the end. My theory is that it will either be called the "Podscreen" or "Apple Display" or "Apple Screen".

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        • 19 Jan 2023

        Anonymous, 19 Jan 2023wow they are copying lunux router board. in linux router yo... morethey probably buy them and then use them like they do with everything. or just pay for the patents.

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          • 19 Jan 2023

          wow they are copying lunux router board. in linux router you can even open your garage from network... apple tryng to steall from others

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            • 19 Jan 2023

            I'm guessing this would explain the price hike of the 10th gen iPad as well, if an even lower end ipad is coming

              iHome? or iNest?