Palm Treo Pro officially announced, has GPS and all

20 Aug, 2008
The Palm Treo Pro is official as of today, as Palm debut their latest Windows Mobile Professional device. Online leaks of the device caused mixed feelings last week...

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  • zeein

ugly design...:run:

  • Alex

this phone is amazing we had one in work they set up stand to promote this as i work in a call center with 02 the guy thought that this phone was the only phone with windows 6.1 i showed him he was wrong with my mda vario 2 running 6.1 lol but i must say light compact easy to use i was inpress highly and i never used a palm before but might consider getting one

  • sweaty palm

wht is a palm phone any good ?

  • SweatyPalm

i no dean has one hes man a nokia n 95 8gb

  • Zylam

i knew palm would eventually get WinMo, have been a fan sence Palm Vx