OnePlus 11R is also coming on February 7, Amazon reveals

25 January 2023
The online store app is pushing notifications to some users.

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Sandeep Mandal, 25 Jan 2023Shame on OnePlus, they betrayed their own original fans... ... moreI somewhat agree with you, but look at the competition. There is really no alternative if you want a good phone with good software with a good price

    Carl Chimpunk, 25 Jan 2023How good is Oneplus' UI and Privacy compated to Samsun... moreFaster and clutterfree ui. Samsung has multiple privacy conserns like preinstalled facebook you cant remove. Even if you disable it, it will create facebook app manager folder to every external media you connect it. At least s9 did. That is the main reason i wont buy a samsung anymore

      My God, what's with these phones camera islands nowadays?!!!!!!

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        • Nimz
        • Nvv
        • 26 Jan 2023

        The OS has changed since android 11 onwards or so. They have literally merged with Color OS of OPPO n many things are very closely similar to Color OS. But i feel still its better than Xiaomi MiUI. I still prefer the speed of Oxygen OS better than even samsung One UI. I would not want to go bak to Samsung unless they screw up the oxygen oS completely

          Can someone explain why people cry so much that OnePlus is different now? How is it different? I don't see how their os has changed much. The only difference is that they removed notification slider from most of the phones. Is that it?

            Jango5, 25 Jan 2023Still that 6'7 inch screen, how annoyingScreen size is fine, it's that garbage 20:9 ratio
            It's 19.5:9 or nothing
            19:9, 18.5:9 and 18:9 are also great choices

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              • 7kJ
              • 25 Jan 2023

              OnePlus has become a parody of itself.

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                • wigman1
                • LxE
                • 25 Jan 2023

                I will never buy a OnePlus again it's not worth it in going back Samsung....

                  Shame on OnePlus, they betrayed their own original fans... Once a premium exclusive brand, now turned in to a cheap Chinese brand like Oppo and Vivo... Fooling customers with the merger of Oxygen and Color. All they are giving in OnePlus and Oppo phones is only Color OS... Really shameful... Boycott OnePlus...

                  Quitting OnePlus for good...

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                    • Gab
                    • uvh
                    • 25 Jan 2023

                    Low quality Chinese phone with terrible color os

                      Still that 6'7 inch screen, how annoying

                        Budget versions should always come 1st so people that have no money get it. Instead of waiting years for it. Then release the real one the next week. But the reason why they dont. Is to force you to buy it. Not knowing about the budget version. It sucks how companies and people only care about money.

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                          • uI7
                          • 25 Jan 2023

                          Shape of folding(once)

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                            • Carl Chimpunk
                            • L1q
                            • 25 Jan 2023

                            How good is Oneplus' UI and Privacy compated to Samsung'?

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                              • Kadafi
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                              • 25 Jan 2023

                              In this time of 2023 oneplus 11 is classed as mid range phone just look at the competition they are flagship status