iOS 17 details leak, don't expect many visual changes, just a focus on stability and efficiency

26 January 2023
This is the OS that the upcoming iPhone 15 models will run when they arrive on the market this fall.

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no changes , no update.

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    • 26 Jan 2023

    In my opinion, it's a good idea.
    You know how Apple users, at least in the US where I live, say that "iPhones are smooth and fast"? It's because of iOS (along with being a status symbol).
    Like the other guy said, iOS 15 and 16 weren't exactly the best releases. Software is key for Apple. iPhones are basically pointless without software optimization.

      As it should be. iOS15 and 16 were disasters. Even Apple is still supporting iOS15 on devices that can support iOS16. That tells you that they don't even have anough confidence on their own new OS.