Kuo: No new iPads this year, foldable one coming in 2024

30 January 2023
A new iPad mini is on the way, and manufacturing will start in Q1 2024.

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  • 6TT
  • 01 Feb 2023

Well, I am not planning to invest in any ipad anyway.
With the price hike on ipad base.
ipad is no longer a better option when compared to android tablet

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    • dSV
    • 31 Jan 2023

    TrashBaby, 30 Jan 2023i bought the crappad air 4th gen brand new and the $100 cra... moreIgnoring the fact that Apple seems to have commited a crime against you, you had an obsolete iPad Air (last gen) and replaced it with what? An S6? Or the S8 Ultra? A cheap tablet, or a premium expensive tab on a par (arguably) with the iPad Pro?

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      • 31 Jan 2023

      TrashBaby, 30 Jan 2023i bought the crappad air 4th gen brand new and the $100 cra... moreUm. Not sure what your are comparing here,

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        • Lfw
        • 30 Jan 2023

        Again new foldable???
        Last one made in 2014 with Iphone 6 it folded and bended pretty nicely.

          TrashBaby, 30 Jan 2023i bought the crappad air 4th gen brand new and the $100 cra... moreSame here. Owner of iPad Air 4

            Buying a MacBook is better option then spending money on iPad.
            We can use Xcode and other desktop apps with much wide range of features.

            Apple made it very limited in functionality

              i bought the crappad air 4th gen brand new and the $100 crapple pencil and they were legit worse than cheap xiaomi tablets and $10 walmat dump bin styluses

              i couldnt even load my debit card into crapple pay

              procreate chugged and lagged when using any meduim sized airbrush on ONE layer ffs

              the crapple pencil is cheap hard plastic. not felt not rubber. plastic. scraped and skipped across the cheap glass screen constantly, inaccurate sensors, MASSIVE gap between tip and pixel, ect., ect.

              i now have a samsung tab s6 as backup to my beautiful massive gorgeous tab s8 ultra

              i will tell you right now friends. going from the s6's phenomenal and FREE soft, textured tip SPen to that disgusting cheap plastic crapple pencil solidified my eternal revulsion towards crapple and their predatory e-waste peddling.

              now factor in the s8 ultra's power and and even better and lower lantency SPen and the difference is even starker.

              it doesnt matter what crapple will do, it will be an awful frustration that you will have to pay a fortune to experience.

                I bet my dog that apple won't launch a foldable ipad in the next 5 years

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                  • tEZ
                  • 30 Jan 2023

                  they just waiting the development of a17 based x3 also moving to india still not finished. because a16 has litle improvement over a15 they even downgrade something that their user isn't aware.

                  a16 trash compared to 8gen2

                  a16 only good at power efficient then again its not worth it because iphone only have small battery and bad thermal capacity/system

                  sd 8gen2 even can play Witcher 3 at 60fps

                  source https://youtu.be/c1j5p4iNvRM

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                    • wri
                    • 30 Jan 2023

                    Little did Apple knows that..most people actually buy foldable because of the Samsung brand (Z Series) and Android 12/13L (Only in samsung).

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                      • Alex
                      • KZK
                      • 30 Jan 2023

                      Anonymous, 30 Jan 2023Please GSMArena no need to write about Apple and their news... moreWhy you want to buy new smartphone every year?

                        the guy literally spouts everything in the hope that something will stick, but having said that, can you imagine the cost of a folding iPad mini for example, same iPad mini internals reorganised and a folding screen, but at a cost of around $800/£900, because lets face it, it is not going to get any better specs because apple will drip feed incremental upgrades for at least 4 generations, thats if there is enough of a market for it of course

                          If Apple made their iPad become foldable, Samsung really laughed and mocked them

                          This is what "Apple"s innovation" would be in a nutshell

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                            • 3SI
                            • 30 Jan 2023

                            Their most brainless move was releasing a 10th Gen with much higher price, instead of just A14 and USB C at the same $329, preferably even less. 99% don’t need more than the base iPad 9, in fact I’d say it‘s overkill for most.

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                              • 30 Jan 2023

                              Please GSMArena no need to write about Apple and their news. Because it's always wait until September or next year or year 2025 etc. It's a shame that company that big like Apple literally do nothing for the smartphone world and electronics in general. 👎

                                Anonimo, 30 Jan 2023You need to remove the word "until" from the headline.Or replace 'this year' with 'next year'.

                                  You need to remove the word "until" from the headline.