Latest OnePlus Pad teaser shows stylus and keyboard accessories

06 February 2023
Take a look at the OnePlus Pad in action with its optional accessories.

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"Smooth without equal"
Does it mean there is no competition to provide the smoothness we get from this tablet?


Smooth performance is not equally smooth across the device?

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • YQu
    • 06 Feb 2023

    Hope the best power efficiency

      Finally, another tablet with rounded edges!

        • C
        • Czuba
        • SYG
        • 06 Feb 2023

        Nice. I hope that they will make a version with cellular connection.

          Hm this sounds interesting, i may be interested as my next tab if it's not too pricey and if it's available here.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • vGF
            • 06 Feb 2023

            I might be interested if it comes with cellular