Flashback: the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite offered the S Pen experience on the cheap

12 February 2023
Launched the same day as the S10 Lite, this Note used slightly older hardware to drop the price while still offering a premium writing and drawing features. 

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  • Renault LP
  • 0Ba
  • 17 Mar 2023

After update to android 13, note 10 lite Is almost worthless, sometimes i want to throw it out of the window. Battery life Is worse, system Is running worse, everyrhing is slower and worse, i am trying to find what has upgraded, but i didnt find anything

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    • lohmatiy
    • nwA
    • 03 Mar 2023

    I've used Note, Note 2, Note 4 (my favorite, still alive and in use(both versions)), LG V35 with external stylus and now i'm using S10 with bunch of external stylus.
    But why GNUSMAS don't released Note 20 lite or Note Fan Edition or Note OLD SCHOOL or something like that with:
    - 4-7nm SoC,
    - microSD-slot,
    - headphone jack,
    - plastic back ,
    - stereospeakers,
    and may be even OMG with reusable,changable battery?
    Can you answer - which of the reasons stop biggest korean smartphone vendor to do this?
    Money? Trends? RoadMaps for 5-10 years?

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      • shodz
      • XIF
      • 16 Feb 2023

      Woah ... reading the article from my Note10 lite feels like i am going to buy it again (back then of course) .... IMO the cameras are pretty good (except for over-processing sky colours during sunsets/rises) , the telephoto one is very capable and produce acceptable photos.
      Overall experience of the photo taking process is good.
      Nice to top up your phone in an hour and couple minutes (charger in the box mercifully :) )
      Obvious downsides are the lack of support of DeX (any fans here ?) , the battery isn't that great -only lasts a day- & on heavy usage it might be less.
      Night shots aren't good enough unless you have plenty of seconds waiting for the shutter in the Night mode to do its job.
      Video capturing is decent but I like the 60 FPS option on UHD.
      Not a bad phone after all.

        Hanif Fikri, 14 Feb 2023note 10 plus could still beats most 2023 midrange.. even if... moreSpecs are not that big of an issue, I am not a gamer & the Cameras have been pretty good.
        THe important thing is updates. That's what you actually end up missing on.

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          • Ab9
          • fCF
          • 15 Feb 2023

          I chose S 10 Lite over this because of Exynos .

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            • Anonymous
            • vaS
            • 15 Feb 2023

            magnaroader, 14 Feb 2023Honestly, the F62 was a flagship thru and thru and I'm... moreNo follow up because it was too good of a value for a midrange. Back to making trash, neutered stuff like the A series lmao.

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              • Anonymous
              • vaS
              • 15 Feb 2023

              Still ended up being bought by people who went on to complain about the existence of the SPen.

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                • Anonymous
                • G6p
                • 14 Feb 2023

                I still have the Note 10 lite and I am proud of it, especially when I see that today the cost of S-Pen is upwards of INR 100,000.

                  GDS Khera, 12 Feb 2023Note 10 Pllus in 2023, Dude.... seriously. As far as the U... morenote 10 plus could still beats most 2023 midrange.. even if they do release s23 lite with s pen the specs might still be similar to note 10 plus or note 20 except chipset..no point releasing lite version get it? btw i still used s10 5g which is quite similar to n10 plus, the specs between s23 ultra is quite similar except upgraded soc, ram, camera. thats it

                    suraj95a, 13 Feb 2023I use a Galaxy Note9 (2018) and a Galaxy F62 (2021). The... moreHonestly, the F62 was a flagship thru and thru and I'm shocked that everyone including Samsung have forgotten about it.
                    The chipset was even flagship!
                    I wish Samsung would bring back the trend of using older flagship chipsets in it's mid range devices.

                      Writing this comment on my One UI 5 note 10 lite, which is smoother than the UI I had at launch. Proof that Samsung blows smoke up everyone's arse by claiming you need the latest and greatest chipset to have smooth operation.
                      This phone is still a beast to this day.

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                        • Mahir Faiyaz
                        • YWi
                        • 14 Feb 2023

                        Happy to read the article by Galaxy note10 lite 😅

                          m.darwich, 12 Feb 2023Flashback when the galaxy note 10 had lower specs than note... morethe only things the base note 9 had that where worse on the base note 10 where the 1440p display, slightly smaller battery (while still having better battery life) audio jack. and SD card slot. other than that, the note 10 was an upgrade

                          better S pen, better cameras with a new ultrawide lens, faster charging, more software support, 8GB/256GB base model, much faster processor, and a better selfie camera

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                            • NoBot
                            • MB{
                            • 13 Feb 2023

                            The SPen user fractrion may simply be too smal. SAMSUNG will know better for sure. But i think it's a problem to have to purchase the top (!) device if it's actually more about the SPen rather then the thrilling camera array. So the S10 Note lite was a perfect concept. Always wanted one, but pricing was too close to a "true" S back then. So it never panned out for me...

                              • V
                              • Vinoe
                              • rAQ
                              • 13 Feb 2023

                              Yes i have note 10 lite good phone only issue is battery is not good otherwise everything perfect expect Samsung to launch lite model

                                PhotoRevival, 12 Feb 2023Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that this is the... moreI use a Galaxy Note9 (2018) and a Galaxy F62 (2021).

                                The Galaxy F62 has almost everything you mentioned except the S-Pen (Edge-To-Edge AMOLED Infinity-O Display With High STB ratio & small bezels, Flagship Exynos 9825 Processor of Note10+, a MicroSD card slot and a headphone jack).

                                Plus it's newer (launched with Android 11, already upgraded to Android 13) and has a huge 7000 mAh battery.


                                  Note10 lite was a good phone.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • gqb
                                    • 13 Feb 2023

                                    YUKI93, 12 Feb 2023My late dad got this phone when new in February 2020, and i... moreIt makes you wonder why the S9, S9+, and Note9 don't receive Android 13 with OneUI 5 when they all got the same chipset.

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                                      • m.darwich
                                      • 8XQ
                                      • 12 Feb 2023

                                      Flashback when the galaxy note 10 had lower specs than note 9 for a higher starting price

                                        • Z
                                        • Zamil
                                        • KRW
                                        • 12 Feb 2023

                                        I've been using it for almost 3 years until it broke after last Android 13 update. I think the hardware is not capable enough to run Android 13. But it was the great phone. And yes, I hope in future Samsung would put the S Pen to the midrange offering such as A series.