YouTube Creator Music is now available for all US users in YPP

14 February 2023
Creators will be able to either purchase a license to use the song or share ad revenue with artists and labels.

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  • Anonymous
  • gqb
  • 16 Feb 2023

I can't see any reason to use this over NCS or Epidemic Sounds.

    This is a great feature, but the cynic in me thinks that someday soon we will lose the free audio library because it doesn't make money for YouTube. They have a storied history of removing useful features.

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      • iJS
      • 14 Feb 2023

      Glad they're finally pushing this through. Years too late but still... better late than never.

        I saw this and thought at first it was for YouTube music. Sad. I really wish there was aleast a desktop app for artists that want to get their music on YouTube music on the platform. I make music and have found it challenging to get it formatted properly.