Samsung Galaxy S23 open sale begins

17 February 2023
The trio is available with retailers and carriers, Samsung website offers four exclusive color options.

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Anonymous, 23 Feb 2023Nice on the paper or when everything goes fine. But do you ... moreIf I have any tech problems i just send it to Samsung here.
I have proof of purchase for warranty purposes.

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    • 23 Feb 2023

    OblivioN, 23 Feb 2023Not legal? Fishy? What are you talking about? Dude that... moreNice on the paper or when everything goes fine. But do you have any personal experience with (if needed) sending phone abroad? Genuine question. Either way it's a hassle and retailer does matter.

      IQ200, 22 Feb 2023Price for S22 dropped since it arrived in February 2022. so... moreNot legal? Fishy? What are you talking about?

      Dude that Norwegian store has thousands of costumers reviews on trust pilot.

      It's a legit website and Can't get more legit than that!

      If you wanna get ripped off and pay 200 or 300 plus euros from other websites for the same product made by slaves in China be my guest.
      And yes 3 years warranty which is also the standard warranty on my country.

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        • 22 Feb 2023

        OblivioN, 21 Feb 2023Obviously you did not search well. I did! why? i needed t... morePrice for S22 dropped since it arrived in February 2022. so no surprises there about pricing. You can't compare new devices price with one whose almost one while year with us.

        That shop with its pricing is not legal to sell with pricing like that. Use your favorite browser and find out why Europe has different pricing then other continents. It's because of taxes which you can avoid only if you buy your phone from shop which imported those devices from other markets. Fyi, phones on different markets even they bare the same model name are not the same as they have difference with 3G, 4G and 5G frequencies. You said your self, you found it by pure luck. If those are regular prices then why is it the only shop offering these way way cheaper devices?

        Anyways, thanks answering but that store is fishy as hell.

        3 years of warranty? Lol.. and all that with 300€ less price then anywhere else in Europe. Right. Seems too good to be true.

        Have a nice day and wish you all the best with you new S23!

          IQ200, 21 Feb 2023"Could it be cheaper? yes it could .." Em.. yo... moreObviously you did not search well.
          I did! why? i needed to search better. im not gonna give 1000 euros for a base S23.
          and I was lucky to find this site. pure luck!

          want the Website? you don't use google shopping tab it seems..

          Csmobiles . com
          Its a major online Eu website. Best price in all Europe.
          i have 3 year Warranty

          Bought a S22 256GB for 620euros total in Dec 2022 for my GF.
          now? Bought my S23 256GB phantom black for total 750 euros
          on the late 16Fev 2023.

          The prices can change a bit everyday due to their suppliers
          ( i don't agree with that policy of theirs) BUT but it's small price fluctuations tho.

          you can even find the S23 Ultra 12GB/512GB for only 1.100euros

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            • 21 Feb 2023

            OblivioN, 17 Feb 2023bought yesterday the S23 8GB/256GB( phantom black) for 750€... more"Could it be cheaper? yes it could .."

            Em.. you said you bought S23 8/256 for 750€ in EU.
            So the answer to your question is:


            You can't find this phone model with 256GB, brand new with 2 years of warranty below 900€ anywhere in Europe.

            Link or name of the shop offering prices like that please.
            Thanks in advance.

            Have a nice day!

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              • 19 Feb 2023

              Daemon Targaryen, 18 Feb 2023 I think I'm NOT going to get the S23U. I prefer sm... moreS23 battery life is ok i have it now

                MRSTEK, 18 Feb 2023S23 is actually nice. Got mine yesterday in US. They shippe... moreIt is a pity that google discontinued the TRUE compact pixels. 1st gen-5th gen pixels are very compact. The pixel 6 and 7 are insanely heavy for their size. Pixel 7 is even heavier than S23+, despite having a much smaller battery.

                Pixel5 is the last good base-model pixel. I've been using pixels for years, I'm not satisfied with google's new designs.

                  S23 is actually nice. Got mine yesterday in US. They shipped it exactly on release day. S23 is the best alternative to Pixel 5 for me. Same size, only grams heavier and much much powerful chipset. The build quality is very good. In terms of endurance, maybe I need to use it for another week to confirm.

                  I'm on Google Fi plan so the final price is fairly cheap. Planning to move to mint or t-mobile after the contract period.

                    S23 Ultra: 163.4 x 78.1 x 8.9 mm / 234 g
                    S23: 146.3 x 70.9 x 7.6 / 168 g

                    My current slab phones I use weekly...
                    Pixel 3: 145.6 x 68.2 x 7.9 mm / 148 g
                    iPhone X: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm / 174 g
                    Essential PH-1: 141.5 x 71.1 x 7.8 mm / 185 g
                    iPhone SE3: 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm / 144 g
                    iPhone 7: 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm / 138 g
                    iPhone SE1: 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm / 113 g
                    iPhone 4S: 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm / 140 g

                    iPhone 13 mini: 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.7 mm / 141 g

                    Back in 2013, it took me a long, long time to adjust to the HTC One M7 size coming from an iPhone 4 and Nexus One. Now the M7 size has become my sweet spot as the iPhone 6/6S, 7, 8, SE2/SE3 are close to its size. The 13 mini is closer to the Nexus 4 size which was closer to perfect. Samsung did release the S10e which was close to the same size as the flat S7 and Essential Phone but it was a one-off.

                    Even 2-3 mm taller or wider like my LG G5 can make a difference compared to my Pixel 3 and iPhone X in terms of comfort. I was part of the $223 club when the Essential Phone got that low around August 2018. I will never back another upstart company again. No thanks to Nothing. My Essential Phone's battery is dying fast and I can't find a place for it to get replaced.

                    This is why I'll stick to Samsung and Apple. I don't trust Google enough in hardware, hate Exynos, and all the Chinese OEMs aren't fooling me. Good luck with aftermarket service. While an iPhone as old as the 6 can easily get its battery replaced in an Apple Store or really any third-party. iPhones are like Honda and Toyota for phones. So easy to source the parts since they're so commonly purchased. We're stuck with a duopoly from Samsung and Apple.

                      I think I'm NOT going to get the S23U. I prefer smaller phones. I had the LG V20 for 2 years and hated putting it in my pocket and impossible to use it in a holster case in vertical or horizontal position since it's too tall and wide. I like the convenience and ergonomics of smaller phones.

                      Now my foldable flips are as tall as an S Ultra when they're opened but they're narrow and can still be pocketable when closed. I still use Nova and keep my apps at the middle. I see a lot more people on YouTube who were using an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max and downgrading to a 13 mini.

                      After the novelty wears off from the S23U's great battery life and that camera, I think people will start feeling how cumbersome it is to wield or carry such a large device like that. I see some already tired carrying around their Fold 4.

                      The novelty of foldables is wearing off on people and ones who said they wouldn't go back to a boring slab are now going back to a boring slab. Like JWill is saying, my preference is that S23 size. Nothing bigger than that.

                      My biggest phone I still use and is currently in my rotation is an iPhone X. I got it used for $125 from OfferUp but it's in pristine condition. I don't want a slab much larger than that. The base S23 is about the same size as the old X.

                      My old LG G5 is slightly larger than my iPhone X and it's already feeling bulky after getting used to narrow phones like the iPhone 7, SE3, and Pixel 3. I still put a case on it which adds more dimensions and weight to it.

                      As for the Fold 4, I respect people who enjoy it. But each time I try to find a case for it, I never could find a good one. And some apps are still not optimized for that inner screen. Just seems like a waste of $1800 or getting locked up for 2 to 3 years because many techtubers think owning it is cool and want to make it trendy.

                      The most fun phones to use these days are smaller phones. I still use an iPhone 4S, SE1, 7, X, and SE3 every other day next to my Razr 5G and Flip 3. I owned a Note 3 and LG V20 and just never got used to their size. Never used that S-Pen from the Note 3. Base S23 is my max limit for a phone. If we get to the sizes of the iPhone XR/11, I find it too uncomfortable.

                      I'm following suit to the many ex-owners of the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. My next phone should be the iPhone 13 mini. Battery life is no big deal to me since I can rotate between 9 phones every day even if some of them are 5 to 7-years-old. Give me comfortable ergonomics over gimmicks I'll hardly ever use.

                      For people who are enjoying their S23U, keep enjoying it. It's obviously a great phone. It's just not a phone for everyone because that SIZE and WEIGHT is not for everyone just like a Z Fold and Flip will never be for everyone.

                        No Notch Life, 18 Feb 2023You should check Australian pricing out. The CAD isn't... moreOof. My condolences mate.

                          NeonHD, 18 Feb 2023When I saw "sale" I thought they meant discounted... moreYou should check Australian pricing out. The CAD isn't worth too much more than the AUD yet our prices are way inflated.

                            When I saw "sale" I thought they meant discounted price and got excited for a sec. Didn't realize the phones only came out this week.

                            The price for us Canadians is a bit too ridiculous. I mean, $1400 for the S23+, yikes. You can get an above average gaming laptop at that price.

                            Unless Samsung or carriers have some deals going on (or you buy it during black friday), it's just not worth it imo.

                            Of course if you make middle-class income then obviously you're not bothered by the price, but still. Good grief.

                              Mr. Anonymous, 17 Feb 2023S23 is a much better phone. S22 was one of the worst iterat... moremy gf S22 is just costed 620€ last December
                              then again she upgraded from a Huawei p10 Lite to a whooping S22 256GB...
                              she loves it. the battery is just fine for her.
                              altho i agree the battery on the S22 should have been a bit better..for the price they asked.

                                My S22 is constantly looking for a charger LoL

                                  DFranch, 17 Feb 2023I think they said the same about the S22 series, but eventu... moreS23 is a much better phone. S22 was one of the worst iterations of S line in my book. Smaller battery, poor efficiency, poor performance, no wonder it sold poorly.
                                  A lot of people were holding off waiting for S23 this year and it was totally worth it.

                                    blue, 17 Feb 2023Discounts would come for sure. But it would take half a year.I can already get new S23 256GB for €850 from a shop or €750 from people here in Germany.

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                                      Mr. Anonymous, 17 Feb 2023Some yes, but I tried it and the iphone is not my cup of te... moreMany always tell these lies: 1. You have never used an iPhone. 2. You are poor and Android is for poor people. Lies. I've used it and I can afford one. But not worth at all. Really complicated and boring interface. Too many limits and restrictions. Even a midranger Android is more useful and fun to use.

                                        Mr. Anonymous, 17 Feb 2023Some yes, but I tried it and the iphone is not my cup of te... moreSame. iPhone isn't my thing and I only use them for iMessage. The one great thing about them is aftermarket support. Apple Store is still replacing batteries as early as iPhone 6. Many cases are built for them.

                                        Since they can be so common, sourcing parts is easy like Honda and Toyota. My iPhone 7 still works well nearly 7 years later. You really can't say that about most Android smartphones released in 2016.

                                        My current rotation: Razr 5G has my main sim and becomes my Wi-Fi hotspot. Then switch between Flip 3, iPhone X, SE3, SE1, and 7 every other day depending which ones are charged to 80% or above. My iPhones are basically used as iPod touches but with better designs and cameras.

                                        I'm thinking of getting a Unihertz Tank or Doogee V Max. Most likely the Tank since it's $200 cheaper and Doogee can lie about battery capacity. My main phone is usually just used for tethering. Tired of charging this Razr 5G every day. Will turn it into my YouTube/web browser/media player like most of my other phones without a sim.

                                        Android and iOS can co-exist even if one prefers one over the other.