Nokia N85 and N79 official, no surprises

26 Aug, 2008
Today Nokia introduced officially two new members of the Nseries family - Nokia N79 and Nokia N85. The two devices come with rather different designs but both have quite extensive specs sheets to brag about...

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  • Anonymous

'connecting people..the same way we always have'....


  • Anonymous

one word....boring.

  • first

both these phones suck
atleast n79 has looks but n85...........
nokia could have done much better with the camera as LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have already released 8 mgpxl cameras
but still
Nokia will always be the leading brand in wireless cellphones

  • Anonymous

Nice phones but i expected more i've been a fan of nokia and never changed my brand but if its gonna continue this way then i'm gonna change it to last hope is N97

  • Anonymous

Same Old Grandmother Story. Different Nokia.

  • ...:S

Its not five megapixel, its actually 3.2 megapixel (2048x1536) :(

  • Anas Hadi

What is nokia doing???
3 phones of the same design N81,N96 and now N85.

  • Gaby

sorry but 8gb is not the largest on the market, 16 gb are selling already in online websites ;) do your research before you post.

  • Magic

nothing special here to c ...

Nokia disign is just horrible .... hmmm cmon nokia and bring something new and fresh !

  • Bronco

Still producing 5MP camera's? C'mon Nokia, its unlike you to be behind, playing catch-up to other manufactuers...

  • GUNNER459

Nice phones,but same old Nokia

  • _W_o_W_

Nice phones, i admit that i like the idea of the AM Oled
but i still wonder why nokia didn't announce the 5800 yet

  • arjan

This will leave retail the possibility to sell even higher memcards. What program will run with the GPS on the 85?

  • bored N range

Exactly the same as every other N range phone...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........horrible cheap plasticy phones which tend to be boring....

  • ....

look at n85....looks like the n96.then n79 looks like! the design is very awesome it makes me want to think that nokia's not paying their design dept!

and look at the specs....cmon nokia. this is it?? realy????

  • -X-

1st of the day!!! Nokia hmmm.....