The Nokia C22 and C32 announced with three-day battery life

25 February 2023
As well as the promise of two years of 2 years of quarterly security updates.

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  • 25 Feb 2023

The Autumn Green and Beach colorways are nice-and the display is smaller than the 6.7”C31 that I have.

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    • 25 Feb 2023

    Bring back iconic Lumia design! Enough of these boring OEM like designs!

      Now it's time to move on from Nokia to Nothing Phone or pixel phone.....

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        • PEW
        • 25 Feb 2023

        "AI-powered battery-saving management"

        Fancy way of saying this phone will terminate every app as soon as you leave it, even clock. much useful, very user-friendly

          Anonymous, 25 Feb 2023LOL, with this ancient CPUs? Yea, 3 days, but standby.Well yes these CPU's use a 28nm process, the unisoc SC9863A still only has a TDP of 3 watts, which is far below than any flagship SOC released in the time of these processors. A processor that draws over 2 times less than the battery champion snapdragon 865, a 720p display, and a 5000 mah battery? Yeah, I believe it. If you think that a processor being old means it has bad battery life, clearly more research is required.

          Also, regarding the speed: One of my clients has an LG K31 with a MediaTek Hellio P22, which is pretty similar to the Unisoc SC9863A regarding speed. They're fine with it. It takes pictures, it messages, it takes phone calls. This isn't a flagship. It's ridiculous to think about performing flagship tasks on it.

            oofio2461, 25 Feb 2023So no software updates... even Motorola is better than Noki... moreName one person buying a phone this cheap who's even going to notice their phone isn't on android 14 in a year?

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              • 3p7
              • 25 Feb 2023

              No comment .. wasting of resources ..

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                • 25 Feb 2023

                LOL, with this ancient CPUs? Yea, 3 days, but standby.

                  So no software updates... even Motorola is better than Nokia at updates!

                    Claimed to be "3 days battery life endurance"?

                    well, depends its processor because of 28nm. 28nm could be more drainage than 12nm.

                      I wonder how many they sell... they are soo bad.

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                        • 25 Feb 2023

                        That charging speed though...