OnePlus unveils OnePlus 11 Concept phone with Active CryoFlux (hands-on)

27 February 2023
Features a unique closed-loop liquid cooling system with a clear glass back.

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  • Anonymous
  • rKt
  • 27 Feb 2023

Just another gimmick feature 🗑️

Glad that it won't hit production

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    • David
    • 3HZ
    • 27 Feb 2023

    They didn’t show the actual cooling system inside with the pump and tubes? Why just show the outside with the silly lights?

      David 040882, 27 Feb 2023Wonder if it'll ever get into production probably not or can you see a lot of people being willing to deal with the risk of leakage for an extra 3fps? 😂
      Just imagine the heart attack when dropping your phone with liquid inside. And even if the fluid is non-conducting and doesn't short & kill the phone you would now have a phone with no cooling aka a brick

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        • Anonymous
        • U@6
        • 27 Feb 2023

        Reducing temperature by 2.1°C is not good enough, by be atleast be reduced by 10°-15°C

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          • Rkm
          • FY0
          • 27 Feb 2023

          That self tinting camera was a pretty cool yet very useful feature. I wonder why they didn't go forward with it. It would have been really useful to bring down the shutter speed especially for video from 1/1000 to 1/48-/1/120 in broad daylight to create way smoother videos.

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            • Stelios
            • MRI
            • 27 Feb 2023

            Seaweed for silk ribbons in the ugliest mobile phone of recent years

              Bigmeme, 27 Feb 2023It's just a concept, to show that it's possibleWonder if it'll ever get into production

                Monarch-1221, 27 Feb 2023If not for sale they why show-off ?It's just a concept, to show that it's possible

                  If not for sale they why show-off ?