Realme GT3 unveiled: first phone with 240W charging goes global

27 February 2023
This phone is the global version of the GT Neo 5 240W. It has a 144Hz OLED display and Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset.

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Where is this device available? I tried the Realme GT 5 Neo china variant and I want it!

It reminds me of a One Plus device when they used to be great.

    That's some decent innovation, and faster charging is the need of the hour. But it's also time for bigger batteries. I'd rather have 300w charging and the option to add a 10 Ah battery pack to the phone in case I need more juice. 4.1 or 4.6Ah isn't gonna cut it. Zerolemon had some amazing battery packs back in the day! It's time for a return of battery packs!

      Anonymous, 02 Mar 2023916L , everyone uses cheap garbage 316L is standard 916L... moreYour comment is entirely pointless. Stainless steel grades are all still just stainless steel and they are all inferior to aluminium and copper for cooling. They only use stainless steel for watch bracelets and housing, it has nothing to do with cooling.

        No but the LG V series who Apple stole it from has it (smile).

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          • 02 Mar 2023

          SShock, 01 Mar 2023It's so funny how they brag about "stainless stee... more916L , everyone uses cheap garbage 316L is standard

          916L is used only by Rolex Breitling watches

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            • 02 Mar 2023

            Oppo Has 80W charger I use it

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              • 02 Mar 2023

              does it come with apple dynamic island :)

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                • 02 Mar 2023

                Anonymous, 28 Feb 2023 No need for this gimmick Give us 18gb ram 24mb L3 ... moreAnd I bet you want it to be under 500 dollars

                  My oneplus 7t going to be 4 years now and the battery life still amazing.

                  Normal usage of whatsapp, call, sms during office hours and light Netflix usage.
                  It can last from Morning 7am to 7pm with 10% battery left.

                  Note: I charges it every day

                    Don't brag too much because Redmi announced a new 300-watt charger 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                      The battery in my phone is charged using 67W and they said it would keep 80% capacity after 800 cycles. When I bought the phone I thought it was marketing nonsense, but two years after I can't really notice a degradation of the battery so maybe it was true after all.

                        "But even if you only ever use the 240W mode, the battery will retain 80% of its original capacity after 1,600 cycles."

                        Now that's interesting when iPhones can only retain 80% after 500 cycles.

                          This is basically like a massive dong competition among Chinese brands

                            ishreal, 01 Mar 2023ok now to iPhone and Pixel. every release is either an &quo... moreWhen you sell hundreds of millions of phones, of course some will have problems. However comparing that between Pixels and iPhones is not even remotely realistic as Pixels have a lot of problems and are sold in waaaaaaay smaller numbers. Also you're greatly exaggerating iPhone problems. Like, waaay out of proportion. But people just can't shut up about antenna gate and battery gate from more than 10 years ago. What, should be whining about exploding batteries for Galaxy S23 series too even though that's entirely irrelevant at this point?

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                              • 01 Mar 2023

                              Not for me. Fast charging is not battery friendly. I put the smartphone screen up, so the notification in the back...

                                It's so funny how they brag about "stainless steel vapor chamber" like that's something amazing. Stainless steel has way worse heat conductivity than copper. Hell, even aluminium has it like 10x higher. Sooooo, why?

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                                  • 01 Mar 2023

                                  That kind of charging would be useful for tablets and laptops, but somewhat pointless for phones. Even 66W or 80W is already too much for most people.

                                    Anonymous, 28 Feb 2023You believe this? LOL - Same chinese Oems advertise scr... moreok now to iPhone and Pixel. every release is either an "X-gate" where millions of iPhones fail at once or Pixel bug ridden mess that takes dozens of updates to fix. This has been going on since iPhone's "you're holding it wrong" debacle and the 1st gen Pixel. US makers are straight up worse and history proves it lol.

                                      What is the point of 240watt charging? 25/30/33 this must be enough right?

                                        NikiDroid, 28 Feb 2023For me, I am fine with 240W or 300W. Vendor had designed we... moreif I'm buying phone that expensive, i expect 5 years of using it...