Google Pixel Watch costs $123 to make, new report shows

02 March 2023
A detailed analysis of the smartwatch's Bill of Materials was published today.

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Wow - the comments on this are hysterical. Every other comment is basically "tell me you have no idea how a business operates without telling me". Outstanding.

    seanwhat, 04 Mar 2023How is it greedy? You are surprised that a company wants to... moreI don't mind if they make a profit. I mind if their profit is as absurd as it is.

      Max, 03 Mar 2023Don't you realise that they have labour cost, shipping... moreAnd you legitimately believe all that amounts to over a hundred fifty per unit?

        How is it greedy? You are surprised that a company wants to make profit instead of releasing a product just to break-even?

          Their products would've been cheap coz they make a lot. Like everything is google

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            • Jayjay
            • qCm
            • 03 Mar 2023

            Lol I paid $140, so I'm happy. Everything is marked up. Get over it.

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              • Ramsey
              • raN
              • 03 Mar 2023

              This would be a hit if was priced accordingly. Try 199 or 249, Apple Watch SE price while competing with the Series 7/8 in features.

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                • Anonymous
                • 0vE
                • 03 Mar 2023

                Leo0404, 03 Mar 2023my galaxy watch 4 40mm costs me about 120$, with batter chi... moreBecause the GW4 is cheap now, that wasn’t it’s launch price.

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                  • Idu
                  • 03 Mar 2023

                  Plus billion dollar ad they make off of you too

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                    • mv8
                    • 03 Mar 2023

                    crazy how overpriced it is 3.5x times more

                      JoeBloeski, 03 Mar 2023I hate these sorts of articles, people get pissed off becau... moreI can't believe people still believe this R&D crap.

                      It's not new tech. Literally nothing is new about the product, not even the half a decade old SOC. There is no research and development.

                      What labor? They are literally made on conveyor belts. These aren't assembled by hand like automatic watches.

                      Stop defending greedy companies.

                        my galaxy watch 4 40mm costs me about 120$, with batter chip, I have no idea how Google have the courage to sell it 300+

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 6wN
                          • 03 Mar 2023

                          Pay some more and buy Samsung smartwatch.

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                            • AnonD-731363
                            • SH3
                            • 03 Mar 2023

                            JoeBloeski, 03 Mar 2023I hate these sorts of articles, people get pissed off becau... moreMan of what you said largest bill will be google marketing and we ordinary customers can live without that.
                            People either buy or not.
                            Just like Tesla for example most sold EV cars in the world but Elon Musk never spend even a single penny on any kind of marketing.
                            Device or in this case EV cars are so great they sells on their own without needing of such a trivial thing.
                            If google were realyl such awesome company even without marketing which will be at last 33-50% of the cost they will sell pretty well.

                            Best products on the market dont need any kind of advertising for a one simple reason.
                            Satisfied people will spread info, news and all about to others around like family and friends.
                            And haters will keep hating until noone buy.

                            So if for example people will love Xiaomi brand they will tell friends and family to buy. Like with apps or any other products. One will say i can try and after the try for few days or weeks one the device or product reaches end of hs lifespan he buys again.
                            No marketing needed.

                            This is how it works.

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                              • Mark
                              • my1
                              • 03 Mar 2023

                              Businesses should never feel guilty about making profit. I use a Pixel Watch and I've no beef with the cost. Your paying for more than the physical product. It's a tool that solves a challenges and looks great in doing so

                                Yes, it's $123 for components. You have to pay designers and engineers. You have to pay software developers. You have to pay testing the device. And someone somewhere has to put it together. You have to pay that someone. You have to distribute this item all over the world. This is not free. So, these are the costs for Google. They want some profit, let's include that. Then the third party seller wants some profit. And almost every country has taxes. 15%, 20%, my country 25% (100 euro tax!!!)... So no, Google has no 100% or 200% profit from Pixel Watch.

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                                  • Max
                                  • 6sE
                                  • 03 Mar 2023

                                  joe nodden, 03 Mar 2023*That's how a greedy business works I never said th... moreDon't you realise that they have labour cost, shipping cost, R&d costs, Pay the engineers to make future software updates for it etc

                                    If i'm in Shenzhen, I would build Pixel Watch for $110 only.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 0vE
                                      • 03 Mar 2023

                                      JoeBloeski, 03 Mar 2023I hate these sorts of articles, people get pissed off becau... moreWanted to say the same, when bare numbers show how much Apple, Samsung, Google, Xiaomi and so on pay for a device, they often skip stuff like labor, shipping and so on.

                                      My partner made a apple pie yesterday, if I ask her how much it will cost (let’s assume €5 for all the ingredients) it would never mention info how much labor it was or how much gas it did cost to make.

                                      Ingredients were €5, but that’s not the total cost and people forget that (on this site sometimes on purpose just to bash)

                                      However I do think that for the specs the watch is pricey, but not overly.

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                                        • guywithcommonsense
                                        • xhm
                                        • 03 Mar 2023

                                        joe nodden, 03 Mar 2023And what do they sell it for? Over three hundred god damn d... moreBoM is only part of overall cost, there are also development cost, operational cost etc.